Is Your Long Distance Relationship in Trouble?

Long distance relationships are very difficult. They can be done but they are tough.  Let’s say you meet the man or woman of your dreams on a vacation to St. Croix. Well most likely you can’t fly to St. Croix every weekend and vice versa.  So what to do? You keep in touch through Skype, phone calls, care packages and see each other as often as possible.  

Let’s say all your planets are aligned with this person and it just seems like they are the one. This can be a wonderful time. But how do you know if the relationship is in trouble? It’s harder to know since its long distance so let’s look at some of the unfortunate signs that perhaps your relationship is in trouble. 

- He/She is slow to return calls.  This is definitely not a good sign. When you are in a relationship it is important to get back to the other person as soon as possible. Regular communication is the thread that keeps a long distance relationship going and together. Ask them about it if this happens. Maybe he/she was especially busy. Maybe they let their phone run down on batteries. Give them the benefit of the doubt unless they don’t give you a good reason.  If they aren’t able to give you a good reason, then maybe they are not as serious about the relationship as you.

- The other person is reluctant to discuss the future of your relationship.  This may mean that the other person is afraid or doesn’t want to commit to a long distance relationship.  They may be holding back because of the uncertainty or maybe they are not ready to date exclusively. A commitment means he/she can’t date anyone else while you are away. And if they truly care for you they wouldn’t want to.  Maybe they have been hurt before in a long distance relationship and are afraid of getting hurt again. Regardless, you must discuss it.

- You’re always the one to call him/her. This is clearly not a good sign.  Ask the other person why they never call you? Don’t put them on the defensive but ask them in a way that will get the message across without making them feel defensive.  Maybe they think you are just friends or maybe they are not interested. Either way, you have a right to know.

- The other person does not make plans for the two of you to get together.  This too, is not a good sign. If the other person is truly interested then they would want to see you. They would endeavor to make plans for the two of you to be together. They would bring it up. If they say they want to see you but make no effort, what’s that telling you?  For a long distance relationship to work there has to be made time to be together.

- All the other person wants to do is to have phone sex with you.  This is a clear cut, dump them. If this is the case, then the other person is clearly not interested in a real relationship and it’s time for you to move on.

Phone sex is not a real relationship. It is part of one but if that is all they ever want then move on.  If you are facing any of these signs consult your advisors. Maybe go have the tarot cards read.  It is best to know it is over than to hang on and waste long distance calls on a relationship that is dead.

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