How to Relax: The Zodiac Method

How to Relax: The Zodiac MethodThough it’s likely that you’ve been too busy to realize it, April is National Stress Awareness Month, a time for you and your loved ones to recognize and release any tension in your body and lifestyle. However, not everyone benefits from the same type of relaxation activities; in fact, what might seem stimulating and stressful to one is exquisitely soothing to another.

This month, you can use your zodiac sign to guide your rejuvenation therapy and learn how to relax and avoid accumulating stress for the rest of the year. In addition, you can also consult with your spiritual adviser on help deciding what might be the best way for you to enjoy a stress-free April.


Adventuresome and spontaneous, Aries feels bored and stifled at home on days off. Instead, Rams should look for activities that center around athleticism and escapism; a strenuous bike ride out of town and back is absolutely ideal.


The Bull loves nothing more than to lounge at home in a plush bathrobe and fluffy slippers. Simple spa activities, like a bathtub soak or gentle massage, soothe bodily tension and alleviate mental stress. At times, Taurus might indulge in a book or movie, but they get the most pleasure from enjoying warmth and comfort.


Gemini is a sign of doubles, and Gemini enjoys unwinding both alone and with friends, equally. When in solitude, the Twins prefer intellectual pursuits, like dense novels or difficult crossword puzzles, but when entertaining company, this sign adores active entertainment, especially team sports.


Cancer craves companionship almost always, and the Crab is no different when it is seeking relaxation. Cuddling is one of Cancer’s favorite activities, but any kind of touching will help relieve stress.


Stressed Leos have a particularly hard time letting go of anxiety, and the sign usually requires others in order for them to laugh and relax. In fact, comedy is one of the best ways to soothe a tense Lion, as are hyper-physical pursuits like competitive solo sports. In general, a winning Lion is comfortable and content.


Anxious and restless even in times of peace, Virgo actually finds relaxation in performing activities others likely find inherently stressful. Virgo enjoys checking off household chores, like washing dishes and dusting.


Sensuous movement is the only way for Libra to find inner calm. Sex is the most powerful release for Libra, but there are other activities that provide similar sensations, such as yoga, swimming, and massage.


Scorpio is the most varied sign when it comes to relaxation techniques; most Scorpions find various effective means of R and R. Scorpio most often finds relief through simple socialization with close friends, but sometimes engaging with media (through movies and video games) and shopping can be sufficiently soothing.


Leisurely browsing activities provide slow and steady stress release for Sagittarius. Any space with a foot path and some interesting views — a local park, a golf course, an antiques market — is Sagittarius’ happy place.


Nimble with a needle, precise with a paintbrush, and clever with a keyboard, Capricorn feels most stress-free during any type of skillful creative endeavor. An over-taxed Capricorn should spend some time working on their current side project — or start a brand new one.


Competitive in a friendly way — unlike ruthless Leo — Aquarius finds release playing any type of game with any number of people. The challenge of the game paired with the sociability of those nearby serves to distract Aquarius from his or her daily responsibilities.


The Fish is drawn to water in all pursuits precisely because it is relaxing and rejuvenating. Swimming in or lounging by a body of water for a couple hours should be enough to fully restore Pisces’ spirits.

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