How to Put Romance Back into the Relationship

Many people are concerned that their long-term relationship may lose it’s “sizzle” after awhile.  Instead of worrying about it, use that energy to keep the “sizzle” going and hopefully grow and get stronger!Here are a few ways to spice up things and get the excitement back!

1. First, don’t let the sizzle die out! It’s a lot harder to get the flames going again than to fan the burning embers into a roaring blaze! Don’t take your partner for granted. In fact, don’t take anything for granted. Find a way to appreciate each and every moment with them. And keep this thought in the back of your mind always: “What little things can I do to make this moment even better?”

2. Before things get routine, make little changes that are fun and different. Instead of waiting for him to take out his car keys, grab him by the hand and say “Come on! I’m taking you out to dinner!” Call her at work in the middle of the day and sing her a love song. This is not a time to worry about being silly! Even a poorly sung love song can make an impression!

3. Find things that you both would like to do and DO IT! Many of us have a list of “Things we’ll do together one day”. Go kayaking. Take a cooking class. Learn to do pottery. Join a theater group. Experiment together! Don’t be afraid to try something new! Take a risk together. That’s how we grow closer to each other!

4. Try adjusting the atmosphere when you’re together. We’ve all heard the advice of lighting a few candles, turning down the lights and putting on romantic music. Do it! Then try something else! Pick a day to have a “date night” and have a theme night. Decorate the room with Hawaiian flowers and tiki’s, put flowers around her neck and put island music on the stereo. Try other theme nights as well.  Try out different moods. Romantic, playful, light-hearted. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment! After a few tries you both will have three or four themes that you really like and can alternate between them every month.

5. Even an amateur massage is a good massage! Pick a night and set aside a place where your partner can get comfortable while you focus on their body. Start at their head and work your way down, starting with them on their back then turning over onto their stomach so you can give them a good back massage.  Half of the pleasure will be feeling your touch against their skin. It may or may not turn into an erotic experience.  Just go with the flow and let whatever happens happen!  Get a book on heated rock massage and add something extra to their experience! And remember, the following week can be your turn on the “massage table”!

6. Do something creative for your partner! Don’t just rely on the products on the store shelf! Make them a card, write a steamy story or moving love ballad. What talents do you have that can be used to create something for your partner? Can you cook? Write? Draw? Paint? The effort will come from the heart so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Little flaws add character and your partner will appreciate the effort!

The most important thing to remember is to keep trying a variety of ideas to keep the sizzle going! Talk with your partner about what would make time together fresh and exciting. And keep experimenting! 

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