How to Know When A Man Is Falling In Love With You

While women are normally pretty intuitive there are those women that can have Prince Charming right before them and seem to miss all the signals that he actually is interested.  There are methods of telling if the one you have been dating is falling in love with you, and when those signs appear, if you happen to feel the same way, take advantage! 

How to Know When A Man Is Falling In Love With You. 

He is tired of casual dating.  Many relationships start with casual dates.  When a man lets you know that he wants to steadily date with no others in the scene, this is a sure sign he is falling in love with you. 

He is constantly striving to make you happy. When a man is head over heels in love, he will do everything it takes to make the woman happy.  He will make himself available at all times and will compliment you and find ways to make you happy.   

He rearranges his priorities to make time with you.  This is a sure sign the man is in love.  If you are the girl that is taking priority over the friends, hobbies and work, you have a man that is in love. 

He looks at you differently.  When a man is in love he will be love struck and he will look at the woman differently.  You will notice he has a different look when he looks into your eyes.  

Unexpected or extravagant gifts.  When you begin to receive flowers for no apparent reason with the exception that you are great or gifts, then you know the man is in love with you.   

He wants to spend all his spare time with you.  When you find that your man wants to spend all his spare time with you he is having a hard time being separated and this is a sure sign that he is in love.  Definitely take notice if what was once a telephone call here and there or a date once a week has increased to every few days or daily. 

He includes you in his near future plans.  Suppose the man is making plans for a summer vacation and asks where you would like to go.  This is another sign that he is falling in love and that he expects you to be in his future. 

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