How to Have a Better Relationship Part III

Don’t Say Things in Anger.  We all have times when we lose our tempers.  Unfortunately, for our partners, when we lose our tempers, often times we say things out of anger and regret it later.  When you find yourself angry and wanting to strike out at your partner, take a deep breath and clam yourself.  Once you have calmed yourself then communicate with your partner.   

Trust.  Trust is essential in all relationship.  In order to have a healthy relationship trust is necessary.  If you find that you or your partner lacks trust then discover ways to build ones trust.  This can be done by being predictable, informing the other where you are and when you’ll be home, believing in one another competence, communicate your needs, stay true to your words and be neutral. 

Think in the Terms of “We”.  Too often, couples tend to think in the terms of me…which is terribly unhealthy for a relationship.  Recondition yourself to think in the terms of “we” and you will find that you have entirely new emotions to consider.  Appreciate both you and your partner and think of the other as well as yourself.  Generating appreciation towards one another is a means of generating a healthy relationship. 

Be Responsible.  Being responsible is essential.  None of us are angels.  And, none of us do things properly 100% of the time.  Take responsibility for your actions, apologize to your partner when you are at fault, and do not try to blame the other partner to pull yourself out or to clear your conscious.   

Laugh.  Couples that learn to laugh together often stay together.  Laughter can make a relationship great.  While it only takes a bit of sharing humorous feelings, laughter will go a long way in a marriage.   

Support One Another.  Support is another means of telling your partner you love them.  Whether it is helping them with the cooking, something at work or with the children or friends, support one another.  This not only helps to develop a better relationship but a strong romance. 

Remember, bettering a relationship takes devotion to both yourself, to your partner and to the bond between you. 

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