How to Have a Better Relationship Part II

Now that you’ve begun working on “making your relationship better” you have a better understanding of the needs of your partner and a better understanding of the needs of the relationship.  Although we all need time and space from time to time, too much distance can destroy a relationship and it is vital that you keep focused and on track and put every effort into bettering your relationship. 

Let’s continue with our discussion on how to better your relationship. 

Make and keep clear agreements.  Respect is vital in a relationship, both for yourself and your partner.  While agreeing with your partner and your partner agreeing with you is nice, do not expect this to happen 100% of the time.  Reach a mutual agreement and commit to it.  If you say you are going to do something, do it so that you are true to your word.  Keeping agreements is part of respect for your partner and must be practiced. Rekindle the Spark.  When couples first begin to date, the universe is magic.  They are on time to the dates, enjoy gazing into the eyes of the other and feel a certain sense to make  compliments towards one another. All of which happen a lot  in the beginning of a relationship and something that tends to fade as the years go on.  Think of what each person did at the beginning of the relationship and discuss it with one another.  Start gradual to bring those feelings back.  Whether it is simple flirting or dating or sitting by the lake for hours next to one another.  While you may feel that you are “stale” in the relationship, it is important to begin to rekindle the relationship. 

 Schedule Time with One Another.  Quality time with one another brings closeness.  Whether it is one on one time or spending an evening out with your friends, time together is vital.  With busy schedules, often times couples tend to overlook this.   Also, if you happen to be having rough times between the two of you, often times it is difficult to commit to spending time with each other.  However, it is necessary.   Focus on the special things that your partner enjoys doing and relearn them.  Putting the other first and ask for the same in return.

With every relationship, be realistic.  First and foremost, be real with one another.  Do not practice control of the other partner.  Know you were brought together because you love each other and know that to continue to grow you must continue to dedicate yourself to the relationship and nurture it to grow.

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