How to Have a Better Relationship Part I

With hectic schedules of everyday life, often times couples are finding that they do not  have the time or energy to put into their relationship. There are also the couples that who were once in magical bliss and are now distant.  Whatever your situation, relationships need help from time to time and some of the best advise in how to have a better relationship is as follows: 

How to Have a Better Relationship: 

What each partner in a relationship first must realize, is they are responsible for their own happiness.  Yes, often times you are with your partner because they are soul mates, but even at this, ones happiness must also be provided by themselves.  Often times, relationships fail because one partner blames the other for their unhappiness.  Take control and realize that you must accept the good with the bad.   

Space:  Although too much space can destroy a relationship, a certain amount of space is required.  It is not possible for a relationship to stay healthy if the only “friend” in the relationship is your partner.  Each partner must have time for themselves, whether it is to go shopping or take in a ball game, and time to share among family and friends.   

Use communication.  Communication is essential in a strong relationship.  Communication is about understanding one another.  Although you may be the type of person that “always” likes to be right, it is necessary, for the sake of your relationship that you communicate effectively and this is done through listening to the other and understanding.  Do not argue to be “right” about something but understand and to have a healthy relationship.   

Forgive.  Forgiveness is one of the most important factors in a relationship.  Often times, it is necessary to let go of something- obviously, women tend to have a tougher time with this then men, but holding on to negative feelings from the past will only deteriorate your relationship.  Talk about the issues that are bothering you and try to reach a mutual agreement on how to remedy the situation and make the future better.  Bitterness is tough in a relationship and one of great destruction. 

Relationships are work and commitment and there is not one relationship in history that always was “bliss” throughout its lifespan.  However, when you can commit and communicate and understand the other, half the battle is over. 

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