How to Handle a Love Hate Relationship

Love hate relationships are one of the most difficult relationships to be in.  While there may be many reasons for the relationship such as you honestly don’t get along with your partner but have incredible sex, or they have qualities that you truly do love.  You just can’t seem to cope with parts of their character.  Whether right or wrong, there are ways to handle a love hate relationship. 

How to Handle a Love Hate Relationship 

The first step in dealing with a love hate relationship is to realize that the relationship has a problem.  Could it possibly be that you have no idea what real love is?  This often times is the case in those that were raised in a household that was dysfunctional.  A partner raised in a dysfunctional household often times does not have a sense of caring or the knowledge of how to care in a relationship.  There is instability as a foundation.   

Know that what you are feeling isn’t actually triggered by who the person is but what they lack to do or what they have done.  Anger begins to store if it cannot be worked out and the love hate relationship begins to become established.    It is vital that when you start to experience anger you find a way to cope.  And, that you confront the situation with your partner. 

Once you are aware of the problem then it is time to get help.  This can either by opening the lines of communication between you or by seeking a counselor.  Set a goal with small milestones to achieve along the way.  Each time you reach the goal then celebrate with your partner.   Think back to the beginning of the relationship.  Did these love hate feeling exist then?  If not, consider to begin “dating” again or taking a short vacation to work on rekindling your love.  Set a time aside each week to have quality time doing something that both of you enjoy.   

Love hate relationships can be worked through.  Often times, it is necessary to see a counselor as one partner has developed anger and when a relationship is stressed these are the times that communication is not as open.  If you truly do love your partner and feel that the relationship is worth saving then by all means, do what it takes to save it.

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