How to Get Your Ex Back

One of the toughest emotional times in a life is a split in a relationship- especially when love still exists.  Failed relationships that still have love between them are often times worth rekindling.  Relationships fail for many reasons- whether it a lack of commitment, a misunderstanding or not being able to get over negative feelings.  Should you find yourself longing for your lost love, then you will want to take the following tips of how to get your ex back into consideration. 

How to Get Your Ex Back: 

Consider the reasons that you broke up.  Now, consider why you want him or her back.  Do you want them back because you are lonely and need someone to cling to or do you truly miss the relationship and your partner?  Was the relationship abusive, your partner controlling or was it a break-up where differences could have been worked out.  Once you decide if the relationship is valuable enough to save then, you will have a better understanding of what needs to be done.  

Be the person that they feel in love with to begin with.  Often times in a relationship one partner becomes stale.  Remember what it was that your partner loved about you, how they liked when you complimented them,  and how you made them feel special and try to once again become that person.  Correct bad habits and mistakes and be positive around your ex.  Laugh and smile and bring the brightness back. 

Let them know you’ve been thinking about them.  While the relationship may still have a sensitive side with one of the partners not willing to fully give, caring let the ex know you have been thinking of them.  Leave a short email or a message on the phone.  Be non threatening and keep the conversation light. This is a means to start to rekindle lost loves. 

Invite your ex to talk to you.  Invite your ex to talk.  Make it a comfortable sitting where you will be able to express your regrets to them.  Discuss how they feel with the ending of the relationship and why they feel it failed. 

Keep a positive attitude.  Having a positive attitude is everything.  You are easier to be around; your emotions seem to be more in respective you are less clinging, jealous and mistrusting.  Be positive around your ex and try to encourage your ex to be positive as well.

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