How to Find the Love of Your Life

The ascendant in astrology means the rising sun. It is the moment of birth in relation to your astrological sign.  When looking for love or hoping love comes into your life, you cannot dismiss either yours or the other person’s ascendant.  It is actually what we “wear” when we meet others. It defines the core identity that is within us since birth. But the ascendant is not the only important item at the beginning of a potential relationship.  It does have an on-going, vital role in relationships and it can be a factor of physical attraction but it is not the only item that plays into finding the love of your life.  

In the experience of expert astrologers, they have found that special relationship indicators come from power indicators from the turning of the simple trine in dealing with two peoples trines.  This is especially true when it involves personal planets. 

Astrology can be difficult to understand unless you have a clear understanding of ; if you don’t you can consider having a chart made up for you and studying the spirituality of astrology. There is great power in finding the love of your life and astrology. 

Additionally, many experts in the field of astrology find the Nodes of the Moon to be an important part of the chart. This relates to past life connections.  It does not really matter if you believe in reincarnation or not, there is great evidence to point to this belief.  The belief states in a nutshell that if two people have strong contacts with the Nodes of the Moon, then they will have a strong desire to be together.   

Further, we cannot overlook the sign interchanges in astrology and who lines up with whom according to signs. There are certainly signs that get along better with certain signs. A lot of it depends on planets lining up and so on.  

Then there are the Sun and the Moon contacts.  This study can clearly contribute to the goal of finding the love of your life. Another belief in astrology is when Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are strong in two peoples chart, they are drawn to each other and the relationship can be quite potent.  

In conclusion, astrology plays a big part in finding the love of your life. You can choose to take it as far as you want or not. But there is so much convincing evidence that backs up the experts it is hard to dismiss it. Finding the love of your life can be as simple as finding the person that fits your sign and planets and all the aspects of your chart.

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