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Oranum psychic GracepetalsHappiness is defined as … good fortune, a state of well-being, a pleasurable experience.How do we get there? Well, happiness is a choice.

Happiness can be contagious. When we express it, others can’t seem to help but jump on the happiness train. They want some of what we’ve got.

There are people who just seem to view life as a playground, a wonderland of experiences, and an expression of what their souls are. There are also some people who, depending on the situations and occurrences in their lives, will “get happy” for a while, and then revert back to waiting for the next experience. Then there are those who seem to struggle with finding much to be happy about.

Happiness, for those who seem to shine their happiness like a beacon in the fog, is an innate “knowing,” that regardless of the situation they are in, they will find good and blessing in there somewhere. These people are aware of an intuitive state of mind and that their happiness is what they choose to make. It does not come from an outside place or source. They have learned it is not beneficial to dwell on the “lower vibrational” emotions, such as anger, fear, judgement, guilt, shame, apathy and grief.

They will feel the experience and find a way to move on. They know sadness or frustration are emotions that do not need to stay and linger. Feel it once and then let it go. Learn the lesson, pass the grade and move on to the next experience.

Their secret? Gratitude. They have learned to be grateful for the smallest things. These souls may live in a mansion, but they are grateful for waking up to see the dew on the grass, hear their children’s laughter, or perhaps simply turning on the tap and enjoying the running water. Happiness is an offshoot of gratitude. When we are grateful for the little things, the universe brings us more to be grateful for. If we develop a mantra of being grateful… in all things, for all things, at all times, we encourage our personality to rise to a higher vibration.

Those who sporadically find happiness are people who wish for something or someone, to come along and bring them happiness. When that happens, they “get happy”. At least for a while. These are the people who are waiting for a “better job,” a “new car,” or a “significant other” to make them happy. Once these things come along, they are feeling better about their lives. Life is great. Until they discover the job isn’t quite what they had imagined. The new car, well, thank goodness, is still under warranty. And the significant other? Love and companionship do not come with a user manual. We need to learn to find the perfection among the imperfections.

If we are inclined to stay in the angry, sad, blaming places, it is like having a heavy wet blanket thrown over us. We find it is hard to breathe and hard to think about something other than the heavy wet blanket. Why me, we ask.

The Grizzly Bear Story

There is a story of a fellow who wanted to take his family on a vacation. They had been planning this trip for many months. The children were involved; they planned all the venues they would stop at along the way, meals they would enjoy. The day before the trip everyone took part in loading the family car with suitcases, toys, coolers with snacks and drinks for the long drive ahead. The morning of the trip everyone was up bright and early. Finally the day had arrived!! They stopped for breakfast and began the journey down the highway. The kids were playing games, mom would play “I spy” with them for a while. Dad was concentrating on keeping his eyes on the road and getting them there in one piece.

They had driven for about two hours. There was an older couple in a truck that had been driving behind this family for some time. They noticed the kids were full of laughter and joy. Would turn and face the couple and wave and smile. The couple would smile and wave in return. They thought, isn’t that great, this family is going on a vacation.

Suddenly, the family’s car ahead of them blew a rear tire. The father, being a thoughtful driver, managed to pull the car off the road over to the shoulder. The couple behind them, thinking there might be something they could do, pulled over as well. The father was not happy, as he had not planned to have a flat tire. He didn’t like things to throw him off. But he thought, let’s get the tire off, and put on the spare and we will get the tire fixed when we arrive at our vacation spot.

Then began the tedious process of unloading everything out of the trunk. The coolers, suitcases, toys were placed at the side of the road. Dad was looking for the car jack to raise the car so he could put on the spare tire. The car jack was not in the car. As it turns out, his older son had removed it from the trunk, as there was not enough room for other things. The toys and games had replaced the car jack.

Now dad was steaming. He forgot that his family had been planning this vacation for long time. Everyone was looking forward to this. He was so angry he did not see that the elderly man in the truck behind him had come up to him and had a jack in his hands. The man said, “Please take this and we will get you back on the road. Let’s get the spare tire on your car.”

Here was a solution. No need to call a roadside assistance truck to help. Help had arrived! Standing right in front of him. He could be back on the road with the kids playing “I spy”.

The father, however, was not in a place of being grateful for the little things. He could not get past the sight of all of the suitcases, toys and coolers sitting on the side of the road, and his car jack was back home in his garage, not in his trunk. He was throwing a temper tantrum. He was having a grizzly bear experience. He was, in that moment, only concerned with the fact that he didn’t have his car jack, and how miserable and angry he was.

Dad turned to look at his family. He took the car jack, replaced the flat with the spare, and began loading the things back into the car. He gave the jack back to the friendly man. He then got into the car and turned it around. He told his kids, “If you can’t learn what is necessary for a trip, we are going back home. The kids began to cry. His wife looked at him with a look that said, “Why does it have to be this way?” And they drove off.

Now this man had a choice. He could have simply accepted the flat tire was just an inconvenience. He could have had a conversation with the elderly man and possibly made a new friend. He could have taken this experience and taught his children the importance of necessities on a road trip, and if one isn’t certain, one needs to ask. He did none of these things. He stayed in his unhappy place and as result the entire family was in an unhappy place.

Happiness is a choice.

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