Giving Thanks - How To Tell Your Partner Thanks

Thank you PhotoTelling your partner “Thank You” for being in your life, doing you a big favor, or for just being themselves is important to having a healthy and loving relationship.  The way to say “Thank You” is in the language that they understand and appreciate. If they are a visual person and loves movies, a music-mix CD may not be the best approach. If they are athletic, a box of chocolates may also not be a good idea. As you read through these suggestions for expressing your gratitude, keep in mind your partner’s personal preferences.

Plan a hike or walk in a favorite place - Yes, this is a simple way to say “Thanks”. A hand-in-hand stroll on a favorite path can be very connecting. Add a spot to stop for a drink or snack. Sharing the experience with your partner can be a great way to show gratitude.

Create a Meal at Home - Not everyone is good in the kitchen. Or enjoys cooking! There are many gourmet places that will create an entire meal and have it for “carry out”.  Get one of your partner’s favorites. Add a nice bottle of wine and some candles. A romantic dinner at home! And, yes, you can make a special dinner for your partner from scratch. Same result. More dishes to wash!

A Musical Thanks - Make a music CD for your partner with a mix of favorite songs that you both consider “your songs”. Add your own personal introduction before each song for an even more personal touch.

Highlights in a Slideshow - Find a number of pictures from a favorite vacation or adventure and create a little slideshow on the computer. Create a movie file so it can be played on any computer or smartphone. Include your own narration or some personal background music.

Just Say Hi - Send a photo of yourself waving and smiling via text message.  “Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and to say I’m thinking of you!”

Plan A Date Night - Create an entire date night with food and activities. Include a variety of things that your partner likes. Don’t be afraid to surprise them!

Act the Part - If your partner has a fantasy that you can comfortably accommodate, surprise them by taking on the role. Let them know that this is to say “Thanks” and not to expect a “regular performance”!

Dress Up - Sometimes we get into a mode of being so comfortable with our partner that we rarely dress up for them. Get a makeover, dress up, put on the best jewels and meet them at the door. Do this for a night out and they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

A Loaded Card - Find a greeting card that matches how you want to say “Thank You” and write a long letter to go with it. Written notes are still a very personal way to appreciate your partner. Online eCards can be elaborate, but they lack the words written in your own hand.

The fact is that you can say “Thank You” in hundreds of ways. You can spend a little or a lot of money. What’s important is the personal touch you add to the statement.  Learn what your partner’s preferences are and create a “Thank You” that will forever be remembered. Not just for the gift or action, but for the heart that you put into it.

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