Forgive others: Check the 5 reasons !

Forgive others“Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us…” it’s a prayer you have heard a thousand times, but it seems easier said than done. Why should you forgive someone who has hurt you? You can often be so hurt by a person or their actions that the mere thought of them, let alone blessing them is out of question.


I had just launched my first clothing line and placed a full-page ad in a magazine; I was excited and enthusiastic. I began getting prank calls at odd hours in the night. As the calls became more and more menacing, I did something I’d never done before – I prayed for my “enemy”. It may be the most difficult thing to do – be compassionate to the person attacking you – but I suddenly had the clarity that there was something going on in his life that was causing him to act out against me. I prayed for him, I asked God to help him with whatever was causing the aggressive behavior. The calls immediately ceased.

There is no excuse for how you’ve been hurt, and there is no reason for you to feel obligated to be in the company of the individual who caused that pain; but from my own experience there are reasons you should forgive and even bless those who hurt you:


I always say, ”leave your enemies to God,” because Karma, the power of attraction, and God’s judgment will handle them in a way that doesn’t negatively impact your Karma, as seeking revenge would. I don’t wish anyone else harm, don’t bear ill will toward them, or send negative “vibes” their way because what you put out there comes back to you – again, the power of attraction. So start praying and forgive them for what they have done to level up your Karma.


Forgiveness is a requisite to receive forgiveness and to be spiritually purified; it is, therefore, a part of your spiritual transformation. While attending the Dalai Lama’s speech on Global Compassion to gather material for my university paper, I found several of his points interesting, among them the one that said that a selfish person must try and be altruistic, because that altruism will be repaid in their times of need. Similarly, forgiveness is something you must give in order to be blessed later in your life. It’s therefore tied to your own spiritual transformation and transcendence.

Another insight he provided was that imagining himself on one side, and the entire world on the other allowed him to become more objective – to place himself in the shoes of others and remove personal biases. Although, there may not be an excuse for someone’s actions, by viewing things from their perspective allows you to gain insight that helps you let go. As an example, I personally found it quite difficult to forgive my father: I grew up in a difficult environment, and felt that extreme domestic violence I witnessed greatly changed me – forever affecting my ability to love, achieving healthy relationships, my concept of marriage, etc. Only later in life did I try to view things from his perspective. No matter how horrible, indelible, inhumane his actions were – I was finally able to see him as a human. I will never be able to forget, but I was finally able to forgive and let go.

I do not choose to be around or know him, but I also choose not to allow that negativity affect me, and therefore have released it. I came to the realization that my reluctance to let it go was affecting my ability to heal, and that the only way to do that was through forgiveness. Now, I’m ready to receive all the blessings life will bring to me!

Healing & Cathartic Release

You don’t have to forget, but forgiving will lift a weight off of your heart and shoulders. We tend to hold on to our anger, we are reluctant to forgive because wrongful influences have impacted us in such a way that we consider it injustice, and are unable to let negativity go for many reasons: desiring revenge, justice, apology, recognition and closure, etc. The reality is that negativity is affecting you – and not the person you’re angry with. It is, therefore, impacting your life solely and not the lives of those who hurt you. You must release it – talk about it or go ahead and explain how you feel to the person who hurt you, write it down, scream or else – either one is very effective for letting things go. Do whatever helps you release that grudge you’re holding.


I often see negative emotions, memories or traumatic events affecting the lives of my clients and of course this has been true to my own life and experience as well. By forgiving you can replace the negativity of that particular hurting , with love and trust, and you can begin creating healthy or good associations, experiences and possibilities for your life and future. You will then be able to effectively change the anxiety or negative emotion you associate with something that should normally be pleasurable.

Ending the Cycle – Transcendence and Transformation

It always seems baffling why some people repeat the actions that caused them pain. You have to put an end to the cycle of negativity by destroying hate, hurt, resentment and their effects on your life. The psychological effects of holding on to such emotions can actually affect your health, chakras, aura and soul. You must rise above these like the phoenix from the ashes: stare into the face of the source of your pain and realize it is something you survived and conquered, now you must face and overcome the memory and scar of it to continue on your life path and soul’s journey.

There are many good reasons to forgive and bless those who’ve hurt you, and few reasons – none of them helpful to you yourself – to retain the negativity and toxicity of that hurt, pain, resentment, hate, etc. I implore you to allow those emotions to rise up in you, face them, release them – heal those wounds and move on from that past hurting towards your future blessings

Written by PerryNormal, find out more and search about him here.

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