Facebook and Your Horoscope

Scopematic PhotoFor centuries, the horoscope has been used as a way to understand the present or divine the future. It’s based on the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of a person’s birth. Astrologers create charts of these positions and use them to make predictions for people. They also help people understand why their lives are in a certain state, where they need to be mindful of their energy, and suggestions that help people make important life decisions.

People are classified as to their “sign”, an astrological term that denotes the position of certain celestial bodies at the time of the person’s birth. Signs all have unique characteristics, and there is much written as to the compatibility of people with the same or different sign. While it is not an absolute, it is often true that people with incompatible signs will not get along in a relationship!

There are many factors that affect the compatibility of two people. So while a compatibility chart may say one thing, a professional astrologer may say something else. They have access to many factors affecting a relationship.

Another tool that is used by people to determine their direction is a biorhythm chart. This chart is based on the natural biological cycles that happen in us every day.  The majority of biorhythm charts use the 23-day physical cycle, 28-day emotional cycle and 33-day intellectual cycle which are with us from birth. Our energy level is predicted in each of these cycle for each day. Since the cycles are of different length, they periodically come together then drift apart.  On some days, the physical cycle will be high and the emotional cycle will be low. On other days this will be switched. People use these charts to decide many things: when to take a trip, when to make a difficult decision, when to start a certain project at home.

Being a cycle, one can tell on the chart when something is rising or falling. For instance, the intellectual cycle may be rising while the physical cycle is falling. That may be a good time to read a book in the park instead of running a marathon!

If you are a Facebook user then you have access to all of this information in one online app! The Scopematic Facebook App https://apps.facebook.com/scopematic gives you access to your horoscope, compatibility charts and biorhythms!

Login to Facebook and go to the Scopematic page  https://apps.facebook.com/scopematic . Edit your personal information first by entering your birth date and time (if you know it), and place of birth. You will then have access to three buttons: Daily Personal Forecast, Daily Biorhythm and Daily Compatibility. Click on Daily Personal Forecast and you will get the Events of the Day for the current day. There may be more than one statement based on the position of the various

planets on that day. At the top of that screen are buttons for Today, Tomorrow and The Day After Tomorrow so you can see your horoscope for different days. At the bottom of the page are buttons to Share your horoscope on your own Facebook page, Send it to someone or Tweet it.

The Daily Biorhythm will show you your chart for today. The chart is more complete than the basic three cycles. It includes Self Awareness, Aesthetic Self, Spiritual Self, Intuitive Self, Intellectual Self, Physical Self and Emotional Self. There are also the Today, Tomorrow and The Day After Tomorrow buttons at the top and Share, Send and Tweet at the bottom.

The Daily Compatibility Chart asks for the name of someone with whom you are Facebook friends.  It will then display a biorhythm chart showing how you match up with that person that day. There are also the Today, Tomorrow and The Day After Tomorrow buttons at the top and Share, Send and Tweet at the bottom.

Horoscopes, Biorhythms and Compatibility charts are just some of the ways that people get insight about themselves and the relationships they are in. Check out the Scopematic Facebook App https://apps.facebook.com/scopematic and see what you learn about yourself today!

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