Destined for Love - What to Do When Love is in the Cards For you

Destined for LovePeople use lots of different ways to find out if love is coming into their lives. They may seek the services of a psychic or they may try their hand at reading Tarot cards.  They may check on their horoscope [] or use I-Ching. Whatever the means, when someone gets the message to expect love, it can be exciting and confusing.

Often these tools aren’t specific. They may not say precisely to “expect to be approached by an attractive, six foot man wearing a gray scarf at the bus stop” which would makes things easier. What they do tell us is to be on the look out for the potential for a love interest to show up.

I subscribe to the theory that the future is not cut in stone but consists of a pool of possibilities.  Every moment of our lives is filled with an infinite number of possibilities. Within those possibilities are a number of probabilities, events that are more likely to happen than others. As any moment gets closer to being our reality right now, one or more possibilities become more probable. Some are more probably than others. When the moment arrives, the most probable possibility becomes the reality in that moment.

What we are able to do is influence these possibilities to become more probable. And the ones that we really want to happen to become reality.

Confusing, eh? Yes, I know. Here’s an example. You’re walking down the sidewalk toward a busy intersection and you’re texting on your phone. The last time you looked up, the sign said “Walk” to cross the street and all is clear. Now the light has changed, the sign says “Don’t Walk" and you don't notice that traffic is now speeding through the intersection.

There are several possibilities here. If you don't notice the light change and traffic because you're absorbed with texting, you could step out into traffic and get hurt. The closer you get to the intersection, the more likely that probability will happen. Just before you step off the curb, part of you notices the loud traffic driving by. You look up, see the red light and stop yourself. You've just caused a probability, the one in which you stop, to become the reality.

Whew! OK, what does this have to do with love?

The reason you don't get run over at every intersection when you're busy is because part of you has been trained to look for signs that it's safe to cross the street. Part of you also needs to be trained to notice the signs of love on the horizon.

Your horoscope [] today says that it will be a day full of love and happiness. Immediately tell all of the parts of you that look out for those things to do their job. Be open to all of the signs that those probabilities are there and are ready to become reality.

The psychic says that you will meet someone on a trip you plan to take that could become a love interest. Turn on all of those internal sensors to watch for new people that cross your path. People sometimes speak about being "open to possibilities". This just means to become sensitive to and aware of what is going on around you, both physically and energetically.

At the same time that you start becoming aware of the signs, put out the thought that you are ready for the possibility of a love interested crossing your path to become reality. This is the "thoughts become things" theory. It's the combination of putting out the energy of your desire and being tuned in to the signs that make possibilities become probabilities, and eventually become reality.

This sounds good but why doesn't it always work? I get asked that a lot. Usually, after talking with someone for a few minutes it's clear why it's not working for them. Among all of these positive thoughts about finding their true love is the thought "I'll never find my true love".  Guess which probability they are manifesting into their reality?

If you focus on not finding what you want, you won't find it. If you focus on finding it, you will.

When a Tarot reader says the cards tell her that a lover is on his way to you, turn all of your sensors on and have only one thought in your mind. "My lover is on their way and we will find each other."

Be open to all of the signs and signals from the Universe that love is on its way. Keep the thought at the top of your mind that "My love and I will now find each other". Be ready to make the probability of love your reality!

And be careful crossing busy streets!

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