Can we be truly happy alone?

Can we be truly happy when we are alone?Yes we can, but it is a work that is in constant progress as our lives go through the many cycles and changes.

First we need to define what the words, truly happy mean to us. Presumably we mean happiness in the long term. Chocolate is most definitely short term happiness and hopefully a new lover may be our soul mate and companion for life.

Alone is being without a friend, partner, lover or spouse. This not always a problem. Sometimes its good to be alone, to do one’s own thing and at one’s own pace. The problem is that we are sociable animals. We wish to be independent but we are dependent on the society and that includes globally. Too much time spent alone can make us feel ignored, unwanted, unloved and insignificant.

Having a lover means loving them, being loved by them and feeling loved by them. This encourages us to feel wanted, valued, cherished and above all significant. This is possibly the most important truth we will ever learn about ourselves. They reflect to us who we are. The greatest punishment is to be shunned or to suffer solitary confinement. The latter is one of the worst possible punishments we will ever suffer. It can make us feel so very unloved that it will eventually drive us insane.

The biggest source of unhappiness is our expectations – The American Dream is a fantasy of ever increasing wealth. And where is all that wealth from the past? Most of it is stored away in the back of the playroom, garage or attic, unused and forgotten.

Modern society, capitalism and consumerism is driven by the media. The basis of all advertising is to feed the three headed beast of desire, pride and avarice. The advertisers love the unhappy people because they spend the most money. Advertising constantly reminds us of our poverty of spirit and feeds our desire for the latest novelty, fad and Fashion. It encourages us to seek the best and most expensive, as if that will make us the best. Actually it will make us the most envied and even the most hated person in the world. Is a 10,000 pounds sterling Rolex that much better than a 25 pound sterling Timex. They both tell the time, is the Rolex genuine or fake. Who can tell the difference anyway?

Wealth = envy – The key to this temporary happiness of consumerism is that we need show off all our wealth and create envy in others. The pleasure is not in the thing itself, but in our pride of ownership. It is the fact that we have it and they don’t. Hence all the fashion magazines have a regular section on the rich and famous as they show off their top of the range designer stuff in their mansion or pent-house suite. Hence the retail therapy in which the well-heeled go to the most expensive shops and walk out with all their designer bags of goodies for all to see and envy. The irony is that some never even bother to open the bags when they get them home. The pleasure is in buying the best, that the rest of us cannot afford. They have everything seemingly, but they need our envy and adoration to complete and sustain their pleasure. Without our envy, the expensive designer items would be worth nothing.

Unhappiness drives all of commerce. It creates entire industries such as gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime and prostitution. We are spending ever more money on private security and national defense as a result. The USA is the wealthiest country, but it has the highest spending on defense. Also the highest rate of criminal incarcerations and a 14 trillion dollar debt that will never be paid off. Their biggest creditor is China. Eventually the USA will be declared bankrupt and the almighty dollar will collapse. US citizens will see mass unemployment as never before. Wealthy foreigners will buy up the real estate and become the new Americans. The old Americans will be in the poverty of shanty towns up in the hills. They may even become the new terrorists at war with their government.

The ultimate luxury is space. The Pope is a classic case in that he owns nothing, but he has huge gardens exclusively for his own pleasure and no one else, but is he happy. We seek our own space, but having achieved it, we can also feel isolated and lonely. Distractions obsessions and vices – We spend much of our lives trying to distract ourselves from our unhappiness with the following. What we achieve is destitution, ill-health and more unhappiness –

1.Drugs and booze anesthetize us and help us to forget our unhappiness.
2.Gambling creates excitement, the climax and the extreme differential of anticipation and grief.
3.Speed is stimulating and exciting.
4.Danger is facing death and this makes us feel alive.
5.Horror and gore films create excitement, fear and the adrenaline rush.
6.Collectors need to rescue and protect in order to prove their own value and self-esteem to themselves and the world.
7.Hoarders also rescue and possess in order to offset their insecurity.
8.Control freaks need to control everyone because they cannot control themselves.
9.Religion satisfies a need for self-righteousness
10.Retail therapy (shopping) raises our self-esteem by creating envy in others.
11.Pornography gives us a sense of pseudo intimacy.
12.Gang-warfare satisfies the need for a pseudo family.
13.Criminality is a loser’s way of leveling the playing field, but it also creates employment for law enforcement agencies. In fact this is the ultimate benefit. Once again it is matter of creating a balance. It is the inevitable nature of society. All this unhappy and negative behavior creates employment for the ever-growing masses. Unfortunately we have created a situation in which the employment is dependent on an ever growing work force. It is in effect a global ponsi scheme. At some point the bubble will burst and our misery will be universal. We are the very seeds of our own destruction.

Are some of us pre-disposed to be unhappy? Many believe that they are. The media is constantly feeding our expectations with images of happy families and couples infatuated with each other, with well behaved children in a nice house and garden and the latest model of car in the driveway, but do we actually know any truly happy and successful families like this? It is merely and ad-mans fantasy. The family should be the sanctuary of love and care, but most of my clients and myself included, come from very dysfunctional and even abusive families. The storks dropped us all into a metaphorical war zone.

Auras and the pre-natal experience – Reading auras has taught me that a most typical family scenario is as follows. The money problems create stress and resentment in the wife. Both husband and wife feel let down by each other. She begins to feel increasingly resentful, anxious and insecure. This is not a good state in which to become pregnant. Consequently she is unhappy whilst pregnant. Her stress and unhappiness causes her body to create hormones that make her blood toxic. Thus the baby is drinking toxic blood and experiencing all the unhappiness of the mother. The unborn babie’s brain and personality is growing and forming in a state of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. It is being super-sensitised to unhappiness with little experience of happiness. When the baby is born it will continue to look for what it is familiar with. Thus it will look for unhappiness, not happiness. We find what we look for. That is the major principle behind predictions. The baby will not have felt loved in the womb, so it will not know how to feel loved throughout its life. Its ability to feel loved has not been switched on from the beginning of its life.

It is like a house with all the mod-cons but no switches with which to switch them on. Thus the child is destined to be unhappy throughout its life. Can we change our destiny and choose to be happier? Yes we can, we have free will, but we need wise guidance and the support of a really good psychic who can perceive and understand what is said and not said, one who can devine your pre-natal history and the dynamics of your emotional make-up.

How can we be happier? –

1.It is all a matter of understanding ourselves and our pre-natal history. These are our source codes.
2.We need to accept all our life-lessons as positive challenges.
3.We need to create a balance in all the major aspects of our lives. This applies across the board to our home, health, exercise, diet, job, finance, friendships and relationships.
4.The key to all these is to know our self and be honest with our self.
5.Focus on the most positive factors in our life and relegate the negatives to the back burner.
6.Acknowledge the negative factors and see them as challenges, not problems. Identify all our major problems, all the possible solutions and act on them.
7.Be grateful for what we have, not what others have and we have not.
8.The most important factor is to create our own personal definition for happiness that works for us.

My own favorite definition – happiness is me enjoying being me and all that I can be. That is all it is and its up to me to make it happen. I can do this alone on my own, or with other people. I can do it in the future or right now.

So what am I waiting for. I understand the balance of forces that are positive, negative and egotistical within me. I have the power of love, truth and freewill within me to be happy right now. My name is Eaglestar. I work to the principles of love and truth. I operate as a psychic by visualizing your aura. I don’t actually see it, because I cannot see you on my screen. Your aura is the manifestation of your multiple elecro-magnetic energy fields. It is the product of all your experiences pre and post birth. These are all revealed in your aura. That is why I rarely use Tarot nowadays. Aura readings are much faster more accurate and insightful. They enable us to access our truths and to know ourselves better.

Remember, the price is not as important as what you get for your money. Your time and money are both precious to you, and I respect that. You cannot afford to waste either on inaccurate or false readings. Pop into my chat room for a natter. I look forward to meeting you.

Guest post by Eagle Star. You can reach him by clicking here

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