Be My Valentine

Be My ValentineFebruary is the month of the valentine. The month of love.  We can tell our partners “I love you” any time but February is a time to be creative.  It’s a time to express love in ways that are unique, fun and meaningful. It makes the person look forward to the next February to see what you have in store for them next year!

This is not about expensive things or impressing people. It’s about opening up the heart and letting love be expressed authentically. Read through these ideas for ways to say “I love you” and find something that says it in a way that is truly from your heart!

Call your partner at work and lavish praise on them. Tell them why they are the most wonderful person you have met. Let them know how happy they have made you. Then tell them “That’s all I wanted to say. I’ll talk to you later”. Don’t wait for a reply. Leave them with that one-way conversation to ponder for the rest of the day!

Set aside time in the evening to sit with your partner and read a book together.  Being together this way, hearing each other’s voices quietly reading to each other can be a very intimate experience! Add some candles, a fireplace and low music, find a copy of Rumi and you’re set for a romantic evening!

Dress up and go out for dinner. It’s become a casual world in a lot of ways and people don’t dress up like they used to. Show up at the door of your lover’s home in a tuxedo and tails or an evening gown and watch the reaction! It won’t matter where you go. Showing up at Denny’s all dressed up is totally acceptable!

Plan a date at the first place you both met. Talk about what brought you both together and what has kept you together as a couple.  Maybe you can retrace your steps from that first night and relive that initial energy. It can be fun to see where it all began and how far you’ve come together on this journey.

Hand-make a valentine card for your lover.  Don’t worry about your artistic ability. If it comes from the heart, it doesn’t matter if it looks like a 6 year old made the card! Go overboard with color, ribbons and glitter! Make it a masterpiece!

Bake a plate of your lover’s favorite cookies or make their favorite dish and deliver it to their office. Not only will it be a tasty surprise, but the coworkers will praise your efforts for the rest of the day to your partner!

Make a mix tape for your partner. In between songs, add your voice telling them how much you love them. Every time they listen to the music, they get to hear your voice!

Write your lover a long letter saying how much you love them. A handwritten letter makes a powerful statement. Just like your voice on a mix tape, your handwriting will be a wonderful gift for your lover.

Take your partner out on a date and surprise them by dedicating a karaoke song to them. Can’t sing? No problem! Just the fact that you were willing to profess your love this way to them in public is enough!

Put together a mini-movie or slide show of images/videos of you together. Include favorite songs playing in the background. Bring this out during a quiet night together and get ready for romance!

Find a busy street on the route that your partner takes to school or work. Make a large sign saying you love them and stand on the street with the sign when they drive by. You’ll get a lot of thumbs up from others driving by and a surprised look from your partner!

This is the month to go out of your way in different ways to say “I love you” to your partner or love interest. Don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with whatever project you choose. You’ll create some wonderful memories that the two of you will talk about for the rest of youir relationship together!

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