All About Love- True Love Feelings

There is something special about love.  When a person  is in love the whole world lights up.  Every moment is magic.  And, getting up each morning is something that you look forward to.  If you are in love, be thankful and value that love.  Getting to relaxed and self centered in a relationship will bring it down almost immediately.   Emotions Felt When In Love 

When you constantly want to be next to them.

When you can’t wait to see them.

When you get joy in making them happy.

When you have no interest in anyone else that might have once attracted you.

When they are constantly on your mind.

You see past their imperfections.

You constantly want to please the other person.

You constantly want to pull them closer.

You are happier than you’ve ever been. These are all wonderful emotions and ones that you never lose from.  Being in love is great.  Enjoy it!  There are two types of love. 

Passionate love which involves warm sexual feelings and powerful emotions and companionate love which is having tender feelings and trust for someone- which often times escalates into passionate love.   Passion involves intimacy and commitment.  You are making a commitment to be with the other.  It is a connection that is shared by two individuals.  Companionate love is where sexual passion is not experienced.   

There are also those of us that experience infatuation.  Infatuation often times is marked by insecurity.  You are not genuinely happy, and have doubts.  Yet excited and eager but love is not quite there.   

Then, there is lust.  We have all experienced lust.  It is the physical attraction that takes over our mind and soul and has us interested in the relationship for sex or for the appearance of the other.   

Couples often wonder why their relationship was so great when they first got together and through time it becomes stale.  That is because each partner gets too comfortable with one another.  They relax.  They stop giving the special looks, morning kisses, compliments and making quality time for one another.  To keep love alive you must work at it.  Value the other partner as much as you do yourself.  Continue to do things to make them feel special.  It is too often that couples get too relaxed with one another; everything including the sex begins to fade.  There is nothing more than a routine and many tend to become roommates.  Keep the passion alive and the communication open and value that love by working on it daily.

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