“A Fool for Love” - The crazy things that love makes us do!

A Fool for LoveYou drive down the road and see a billboard along the side.  In big, bold letters it says “Cindi, will you marry me?”.  You turn the radio on to catch the news and hear a rendition of the song “Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)”. One of the news items is about a couple who decided to have their wedding at a baseball game.

There are a thousand different ways that we act that wouldn’t even cross our minds if we weren’t crazy with love about somebody!

What’s going on? What makes us do these things? What was I thinking?!

Even people who were once in love, and have fallen out of love, admit to doing wacky things that they wouldn’t repeat...that is, until they fall in love again!

When two people fall in love, there appears to be a third reality that is created. There is the reality (or “how a person sees the world”) that each individual has, then there is another reality that has elements of each, but is also open to other interesting elements.

This third reality is a place of imagination.  It’s a space of possibilities.  Endless possibilities.  It’s where we sit with our loved one and daydream about future adventures, future experiences.  It’s an entirely made-up world that we create!

This is a good place to exercise our minds, think out of the box, get out of the rut, you know, all those cliches!  It’s where we can be something or someone else than we currently are.  It’s where we get to try on a new set of clothes, step back, look in the mirror and decide if we like them or not.

And, most importantly, it’s a reality where there is no judgement.  That’s what allows us to try on different identities and do crazy stuff without the fear of someone laughing at us. And when we’re with someone we love, we feel safe being in that space with them because we don’t fear their judgement.

Then the phone rings and SNAP!...we’re back in our other reality!

So what good is this space of imagination with our True Love?

It gives us a chance to experience different facets of ourselves that we would normally keep hidden.  In that space with our loved one we can be the daring adventurer, the brilliant entrepreneur, or the suave Casanova.

That explains some of it, but what about the guy that dresses as a chicken and hands out flyers on the street corner professing his love? And the wedding at the ball game?

Sometimes we allow the safety of our imaginary world to extend out into our other realities, creating a little space in our world for us to be different without fear of ridicule or rejection. In that space, we can do something that wouldn’t do or be someone we wouldn’t be in our “normal” world.  And we can get away with it!

While we’re in that space, we’re having fun! We’re tapping into an energy that’s fun and refreshing. It makes us excited to try out these crazy actions and not be worried what someone else will think of them. After it’s all done, Everyone has a good laugh and we go back to business.

And what about the guy in the chicken suit? Don’t worry about him! People walk by, take his flyer and think “He must really be in love!”

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