25 Signs You Are Still In Love With Your Ex

Love is emotional, there is no doubt, and when you’ve lost a love and your heart just won’t seem to mend then maybe it is time to look at the signs that tell you whether you still love him.  And, if you happen to have these signs, then consider taking action to get him back.  A broken heart doesn’t always mend, so consider the future. 

25 Signs You Are Still In Love With Your Ex 

1.  You think of him each day.

2.  You still expect and long to here him on the other end when the phone rings.

3.  You hope that each text message that comes across is him/her.

4.  You drive by his/her house to see if he is home.

5.  You secretly follow him/her on Twitter.

6.  You can’t get him/her off of your mind.

7.  You are constantly talking about him/her.

8.  You hang onto his/her clothes.

9.  You don’t feel like dating someone new.

10.  You ask his friends about him/her.

11.  You make arrangements to “accidentally” run into him/her.

12.  You cannot delete his/her pictures from your cell phone.

13.  You cannot throw away old mementos of the two of you together.

14.  You still read his/her horoscope.

15.  You are constantly checking your email hoping he/she has left you a note.

16.  You wait for him/her at your favorite places.

17.  You still buy their favorite food.

18.  You cannot sleep without thinking of him/her.

19.  You long for his//her kisses.

20.  You miss talking with him/her

21.  You miss seeing their face.

22.  You miss their smell.

23.  You miss their voice.

24.  You write notes but never send.

25.  You are miserable without them.   

If you are experiencing these emotions then start open communication with your ex and work on getting them back.  Life may be miserable without them.  Take it slow to begin.  Remember what it was that they liked about you and make yourself that person again.  Make communication count.  Let them know you have been missing them and that you would like to talk.  Set a date for someplace that is relaxing to both of you where you can be comfortable and feel free with one another.   Your love existed because you both felt it.  Now, it is time to experience it again.

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