11 Heartbreaking Zodiac Mismatches

Heartbreaking Zodiac MismatchesWe all know what it’s like to struggle with a relationship. The passion is there, but something threatens to erupt just beneath the pretty surface. There is a palpable wall between the two of you, or an electric undercurrent that zaps your fingertips when you reach out and your significant other pulls away. Or, subtly, your lover irks you, or you rub them the wrong way, and it feels like your pieces don’t fit together anymore. Worse, maybe they never meshed. You have to admit it: you’re incompatible.

The Oxford Dictionary defines compatibility as, “a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.” Discord can be found in any relationship, but there is a vast difference between petty fighting and a pulsating hornet’s nest at your feet. Some entanglements are more like prison sentences than partnerships. One wrench thrown in the works may be conflicting birth signs.

Typically, the zodiac signs that work best are the ones who share their elemental core. Air bodes best with air, water mixes with water, earth finds solid ground with earth, and nothing matches fire like fire. That being said, there is something to be said for complimentary elements that aren’t identical. Fire can feed on air’s energy, just as in nature, and a mixture of earth and water can form an unstoppable team.

11. Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites. While Cancer prefers candle-lit dinners and rose petals strewn around the room, you are unlikely to get the same romantic reaction from Capricorn. Their unwavering drive for success means more to them than the demonstrative acts that Cancer craves. While the Crab is more comfortable pushing its roots down at home, the stoic Goat would rather be chasing a dream career.

There have been couples who have found lasting love in this mismatch by playing to one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Temperamental Capricorn can find equilibrium with its partner if Cancer is willing to counterbalance work and home.

10. Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo both live their lives on stage, and neither likes to share the spotlight. This can make it tough for relationships between them to flourish. Extroverted Aquarius is an ardent humanitarian and a social butterfly. This tendency to be outgoing can make Leo feel isolated. At the same time, Aquarius can feel stifled by Leo’s need to be the sole focus of their relationship.

If Leo and Aquarius agree to never push too far, and to keep an open dialogue, however, these relationships are manageable. Some have reported that being pushed out of one’s comfort zone, and forced to grow as a person, is one positive aspect of the clash of values in these two signs.

9. Pisces and Virgo

Both Pisces and Virgo are creative, but while Pisces tends toward dreaming, Virgo stands with both feet firmly planted in reality. Pisces is sensitive and intuitive, which is a far cry from the analytical Virgo, who may find the histrionic Fish lacking in the kind of austere qualities that bring out the faithful and caring aspects of the Virgin’s personality.

These opposing signs could make it work by accepting that their chosen paths in life will not merge unless they direct them together. Virgo is ideally suited to help Pisces make dreams a reality; Pisces, at the same time, can help Virgo shake up an otherwise dull career with creative energy.

8. Pisces and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is all about the plan: think, outline, and follow the plan to a tee. They are adventurous and have a healthy sense of optimism, but only within the confines of a well-documented design. The Fish, on the other hand, is visceral and led by emotions, which can sometimes make them indecisive to the point of dormancy. The enigmatic nature of a Pisces can confuse the logical Archer.

Fire and water can mix in love, if not in nature, but only with careful attention. Short-fused Sagittarius can be soothed by the reassuring, sympathetic Pisces, but only if Sagittarius avoids the trap of overly rigid thinking.

7. Taurus and Leo

On the surface, Taurus and Leo would seem to be a good match. The Lion is a protective lover with a radiant presence. This watchful support can bring out the jejune in Taurus. The Bull will become cool to the point of frigid at the unwelcome possessiveness of the unknowing Leo. Combine this clash of wills with the tenacious constitution of both signs for one disastrous coupling.

If Taurus is open, however, the exchange of love and affection in the form of a physical relationship can be the cement that bonds the two signs – if it can keep up with the stamina and expectations of Leo!

6. Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are like potassium and water. Alone, they’re stable; when combined, however, you get a volatile mix likely to explode. These relationships usually start off hot and heavy; like playing with fire, however, someone usually gets burned. Scorpio is bullheaded and emotional, a far cry from the cool, prudent nature of Taurus. Both are resilient and determined, which makes this an unusually destructive match that should only be tested by the brave – or foolhardy.

For those who wish to tempt fate, know that Taurus and Scorpio can be aligned, but only against a common foe or toward a mutual goal. Be sure to communicate, or that which goes unspoken can blow up in your face.

5. Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo will rarely see eye-to-eye, and acrimony between the two can develop quickly. Virgo lives for stability, and can be faithful to a fault. Gemini, on the contrary, is fickle; anyone dating a Gemini needs to be prepared to explore, and to see the world in a unique way. Virgo, though confident and generous, can only take so much of Gemini’s Big Picture ideals before the relationship becomes strained.

Be careful if you choose this match. It may seem harmonious at first, but soon, if understanding isn’t given top billing, this relationship can sour. Always be on the lookout for ways to crush anxiety before it comes to a head.

4. Leo and Scorpio

Both Leo and Scorpio are dynamic, larger-than-life personalities, which can lead to some tension when both egos are trying to be the star of the show. Sometimes, being cast from the same mold makes for a harmonious connection, but that is not the case with the Lion and the Scorpion. Scorpio’s power trip can step on the toes of Leo’s position as a luminous commander, and bad blood seethes beneath the surface of this mismatch until it implodes upon itself.

3. Capricorn and Libra

If you don’t look too hard at this match, Capricorn and Libra look like they are perfect for each other. Accommodating and responsive, Capricorn seems to cater to the emotional needs of Libra. But take a look closer, and you will see that Capricorn bottles up his or her emotions, and strives to always be in control of a situation. This even temper makes Capricorn patient and reliable, but it disrupts the way peaceful Libra thinks relationships should work.

2. Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio mix like oil and water. Scorpio wants a passionate relationship, but Aquarius lives in the moment, and can almost be said to avoid commitment. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are headstrong, but Scorpio is the more resilient of the two, and Aquarius is the quick thinker. The gregarious nature of Aquarius can be jarring for the fiery Scorpio.

Some people have made these relationships work, but caution that it was with a lot of work, and that it is necessary to keep strong, open line of communication.

1. Pisces and Gemini

Pisces and Gemini are absolutely incompatible. Pisces are emotionally charged, and a lot of what they do is based on reading the body language of those around them. They can be confusing to communicative Gemini, because Pisces tends to overthink and magnify problems. Geminis, on the other hand, rely on verbal communication. Intense and curious, Gemini wants to know and do everything, while Pisces is inclined to stay inside and use creativity as an outlet.

No relationship comes without pitfalls, but these eleven are sure to keep lovers on their toes. As always, with generalized information, be wary of living your life by the tenets of events beyond your control. Readers would do well to remember that there is far more to compatibility than just your birth sign.

Most practitioners of astrology recommend having a full natal chart drawn up in order to see a more detailed view of the personality traits you are born with based on your birthdate. More than that, we all have experiences past birth that shape the people we become, and the people we want to spend our time with, so taking any general advice with a grain of salt is in your best interest.

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