10 Places To Spend Easter With My Love

Easter is one of the most romantic holidays of the year.  For lovers, who spend the holiday in the right atmosphere it can be a day of warmth that lasts the entire year.  For truly romantic Easter getaways consider the following top 10 places to spend Easter with your love.  

10 Places To Spend Easter With Your Love 

1.  A Lily Field.  Nothing is more gorgeous than lilies in bloom and they are the flower that represents Easter.  Pack a picnic lunch, include the cheese and wine and enjoy a romantic getaway in a lily field.  You will find that it is a memory that lasts forever. 

2.  Love Hunt. A love hunt is much like an Easter Egg Hunt, but instead you are leaving romantic clues.  Consider going into the woods and take your lover and lead him or her to the first clue.  Then, let them continue on the trail finding the remaining clues!  Make sure to have your picnic lunch packed. 

3.  Hot Air Balloon Ride.  With many of the hot air balloon rides now including a bottle of champagne sailing through the sky with your loved one can be truly romantic and a wonderful way to spend Easter.   

4.  Bed and Breakfast.  Bed and Breakfast Inn’s are considered one of the most romantic places for couples to stay.  Many bed and breakfast inn’s great their guests with wine and cheese and crackers, making their guests feel comfortable and at home.  For a great Easter Sunday consider a trip to the wine country and a stay at a bed and breakfast inn. 

5.  Sailing on the Sea.  Whether a paddle boat exhibition or a sailboat, sailing on the sea or lake can be one of the most romantic ways to spend the day with your loved one.  Pack a picnic lunch with all the great edibles that makes love so great such as cheese and champagne and have a wonderful Sunday romancing on the waterways. 

6.  Love Hunt.  A love hunt is much like an Easter Egg Hunt but you are leaving trails of love clues.  Consider taking your loved one out to the woods, lead them to the first clue and then have them hunt among the trail for further clues.   

7.  Midnight Picnic.  A picnic under the stars at midnight is truly romantic.  Pack a picnic dinner and serenade your loved one with soft, romantic music and wonderful cuisine.  It will definitely me a memory that lasts through the entire year. 

8.  Champagne Brunch.  A champagne brunch overlooking the water can be truly romantic.  Consider the first rate hotels in your hometown that offer a champagne brunch and consider spending Easter with your love in a five star hotel. 

9.  Night Swim.  Night swims can be truly romantic for lovers.  Consider taking your lover on a night swim and let the romance take over. 

10.  Ice Skating.  Although more a sport than a romance, ice skating can be a truly romantic way to spend Easter.  Consider the holding hands, the catching one another before you fall and you will begin to get an idea of how truly romantic it can be.

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