10 Ideas for Valentines Day 2011

With one of the most cherished holidays for lovers right around the corner, many sweethearts are looking for that perfect way to spend the day together.  This year holds many great ideas of how to spend the day together and sweethearts will not be disappointed.   

10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2011 

Champagne candle lit dinner.  For sweethearts there isn’t anything better than aromantic dinner for two.  If you have children in the home enlist the services of a friend to take them for the evening.  Prepare a romantic meal in front of the fireplace with candles and champagne and have the most delicious menu imaginable. 

Hot air balloon ride.  There is something very romantic about saying “I love you” hundreds of feet above the ground while sipping on champagne.  Check your local area for balloon rides and consider this as a way to tell your sweetheart how much you love them.  Balloon rides typically start in the price range of $150. 

Wine tasting.  Consider the wine country for the day.  Take your sweetheart for a day of wine tasting.  You can even make arrangements to stay at a bed and breakfast for the evening making the day and evening a purely romantic one. 

Boat rental.  Check with your local city parks and see if they have boat rentals available for Valentine’s Day.  Pack a picnic lunch and romance into sunset with a rental boat ride to end the celebration.  As the sun sets and the stars begin to appear the magic of romance will sweep each partner away. 

Rent a horse-drawn carriage.  This is truly romantic and when accompanied by a basket filled with elegant treats such as caviar, champagne mouse and more the day will be truly romantic.  Ride to a park and sit beneath the trees in lush green grass or to a pond. Ice skating. 

Ice skating can be truly romantic as you hold hands to hold one another up.  It is one in which the two of you will draw one another near, laugh and share special moments that only lovers share. 

Backyard dinner under flying lanterns.  Set a beautiful romantic stage with flying lanterns to glimmer the light and eat underneath them.  This is truly romantic and one that says the specialty of the day. 

Mud Baths.  A mud bath and a message can be one of the nicest ways for a couple to spend Valentine’s Day.  This typically is fairly inexpensive but may involve some travel.  Mud baths can be for two people, so if you are close enough to your sweetheart it is a great way to share the romance of the day. 

Picnic dinner and star gazing.  Looking at the stars together can be truly romantic.  When accompanied by some good wine and elegant goodies than you have the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day delight. 

Hot tubing.  If you have a hot tub at home or have a nearby hotel that has hot tubs in the room then by all means consider this as a way of spending a romantic Valentine’s Day together.  With some champagne and a few bubbles in the water, it will be the perfect Valentine Day.

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