Sagittarius Horoscope 2019: Love, Career & Health

Sagittarius Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius in 2019 - The Year of Growth

My friend, this year is going to be superb! It will be filled with happiness, blessings, growth and success. Why you ask? Because lady luck will be by your side the whole year through!

Some of the challenges may have been blocking your path in the past, but in 2019, you will overcome all of them.

You can expect good things and unlimited opportunities in both your professional and personal life in 2019. You will experience financial stability.

As far as your health goes, there may be some bad days on this front. But that’s okay. Because 2019 is going to be a busy year for! Of course, you will need energy for all the hard work that you would be putting in, but all your efforts will be rewarded.

According to the stars, you’ll be travelling places this year, mostly for work. Even though your days will be busy, do take out some time for partying or dinner with friends.

Speaking of friends, be careful about what you share with them. Some will envy your success, and may not be your well wishers. But like we said, this year is all about good luck, growth and success, so they won’t be able to harm you in any way.

But they will create issues unnecessarily. Understand what’s important, and where you should concentrate your time, energy and efforts.

Sagittarius 2019 Work and Career Horoscope:

work and career 2019Long days at work, endless meetings and so many items on your to-do list! My friend, you will get through all of this. But don’t take a backseat. While 2019 will be a busy year for you, don’t be afraid of work. You only need to trust your capabilities.

Stay determined, motivated and focused. And most importantly, remain optimistic. We foresee some hindrances in your career, but they won’t get the better of you. Analyze the situation carefully, and accordingly, decide the best career move right then.

The planets are destined to bring major restructuring on the career front, but lady luck will guide you through all the trouble, and help you succeed. This is the year when you will settle past disputes and nurture strong and lasting relationships with authorities and peers at work.

Some jealous co-workers may put up unrealistic demands, but don’t end your ties with them. Instead, consider negotiating with them to come up with a win-win situation for all involved parties. Sagittarius, you can expect a promotion and monetary awards (an increment or a bonus) in the mid of this year.

Sagittarius 2019 Money and Finance Horoscope:

money and finance 2019The cards have plenty of fortune, luck and rewards for you this year. Your income will rise, and you can expect your cash flow to generate throughout the 12 months.

Overall, your finances will be in a good condition. While you do have some room to spend lavishly, but Sagittarius, that doesn’t mean your savings should shrink. Spend on things for your comfort and convenience, but your expenses should be justified. Try and increase your investments this year.

Add real estate to your portfolio because it’s one of the most rewarding areas. Yes, there are complexities, but if you navigate through them, you’ll enjoy splendid returns. If real estate seems too complex to you, try your luck with the stock market.

But the former is a more rewarding venture, promising good returns and long-time commitments. You may face some liquidity issues though, especially if you’re in a business. But you’ll get through them. You’ll also be able to pay some of your previous debts, and hence decrease your liabilities.

Sagittarius 2019 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

love and relationship 2019Sagittarius, this year will be busy for you. But hey, you still need to take out time for the love of your life. On the romance front, it’s all about emotions and intimacy. Try to understand your partner as much as you can. Expect radical changes this year.

But make sure to follow your heart. Trust your intuition, your sixth sense, and your partner, of course. Yes, your career is important, but committed Sagittarians, so is your marriage. Spend as much time as you can with your partner. Lend an ear, offer support and help your partner achieve their goals.

You two love each other so much; don’t let anything come between you and your partner. Otherwise, you may have to face the consequences for years and years to come. Once you get through some of the trouble that we see, the end will be superb… something like a spectacular magic show!

For those of you who are single, you may have to make some major decisions, possibly involving an ex-lover. It’s okay if you want to get back with them. Why shouldn’t you? They filled your love life with fire and desires. You two had it going so well back then!

But then something forced you to part ways. So whatever the reason was or the mistakes you made in the past, make sure you don’t repeat them this time. Old love does often re-ignite, and when that happens, the bond is a lot stronger and powerful than before.

Sagittarius 2019 Family Horoscope:

family 2019Busy bee! Just as you should take out time for your love, you also need to turn your attention towards your family. Because they are important too. Your home will be filled with goodness and happiness, embraced in a warm glow that will last for a major part this year.

You will find pleasure in the little things in life. Celebrating auspicious and fun-filled events will bring about positivity and joy, which will surround you and your family. As the year proceeds, you may have to face small hindrances, somewhere around July or August. But stay firm, because you’ll overcome all the minor issues that you will face.

Some of you might encounter family feuds, but you can be in control of them. Once you make a decision, don’t take back your word and don’t let others override you. And by the way, don’t lose control of you temper at any instance.

Remain alert and stand to the ground. Sagittarius, you should learn to manage time and priorities between your family and work. Both of them are important and can’t be ignored, and that is something you will need to work on. Come December, and it things will become smooth with some good happenings taking place.

Sagittarius 2019 Health Horoscope:

health 2019You will start this year in optimal health and your energy levels up. Somewhere around March and April, your energy levels may fall down, but it’s fine if you feel a bit tired. Plenty of rest and sleep should help you get through this.

Don’t spend your energy where it isn’t needed and spend more time with people who radiate positive vibes. Stay away from negative energy of any sort. In the month of August, something might stress you out.

Practice yoga and keep your focus. Indulge in a hobby or charity work. This will make you feel content and satisfied. For the remaining year, your health will be fine, and other than the occasional flu, there wouldn’t be any major concerns to deal with.

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