Leo Horoscope 2019: Love, Career & Health

Leo Horoscope 2019

Leo in 2019 - The Year of Energy

Dear Leos! After going through the tough 2017 and 2018, this year is going to look like a breeze to you. The best thing about this year is the fact that all the long-term planets in your sign have moved from their stressful alignment into an easier one.

This year will bring along better health and vitality to you all.

Finances were strong the previous year and the trend is expected to continue this year as well. 2019 will be a year of prosperity for you and the ones around you. While love and social life have been important to you for many years now, the trend is expected to continue in 2019 as well.

The best news about your love life and relationships is that your Love Planer has moved permanently from your 7th House to your 8th House. Not only will this move stabilize your love life but will also add a touch of spirituality to it. Saturn moved to the 12th House of Spirituality last year for the Leos. It showed that this department of life needed to get in good order. Spiritual teachings and intuition will make their way into your life this year.

However, they will need verification in experience. You need to put a practical and scientific slant to these things. Make sure you make the spiritual phenomenon useful and tangible in your everyday life. This trend towards spirituality is expected to continue this year.

Pluto has been residing in your 5th House of Children, Love Affairs, Joy and Creativity for several years now. This side of your life has been made easy by Pluto for many years to come now.

You will feel a reform and revamped personal creativity this year and it is expected to get deepened.

There will also be a transformation into your outlook towards life and what you consider joy in life. This year, your areas of great interest include finance, intellectual interests and communication until September 25th.

Later, it will shift towards creativity, children, love affairs, fun, romance and love, death and rebirth, sex, life after death, spirituality, reincarnation and occultism. Your paths of greatest fulfilment in 2019 are finance and career until September 25th and intellectual interests and communication post September 25th.

Leo 2019 Work and Career Horoscope:

work and career 2019When it comes to career and work, Leos will be able to outperform their peers and co-workers in the career front the coming year. 2019 is going to be a great year for your career.

You need to be open to taking risks and keep working as hard as you can, and you will be able to achieve your goals. You will, however, need to run the extra mile to be able to win laurels in your career. If your goals and ambitions are not reachable within the near future, the time to modify them is now.

Reset your ideals and ambitions and work towards achieving them this year. Expect a major pay hike or promotion by the middle of the year. For the Leos who own their own business, 2019 will be a good year for them too. This year is a good time to enter into collaborative ventures instead of doing it all alone.

However, make sure you run a thorough background check before you sign any contracts or agreements. You will find motivation from many sources this year. It is now up to you to grasp anything from anywhere you can. These will help take your business towards the right direction.

Leo 2019 Money and Finance Horoscope:

money and finance 2019The finances of Leos will generally be quite stable and good throughout the year. However, this doesn’t, in any way means that you should get involved in over-indulgence.

You will have an inflow of finances from unexpected sources this year. The patience you have put up with the past few years when it comes to the finances is finally reaping now.

Use your money for constructive things. Make a definitive budget right at the beginning of the year and try to stick to it as much as you can. This will prevent you from getting into any major financial hassles the entire year.

There may be some financial temptations to overspend in the latter half of the year. Make sure you avoid impulsiveness as much as you can. Just try to cate to the urgent expenditures only. With a little strictness, you will be able to get through the year easily without any financial problems.

Leo 2019 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

love and relationship 20192019 will prove to be highly satisfying and sensational for the Leos when it comes to their love life. You will be able to keep your partner mentally and physically satisfied this year.

This year is a good time to build positive love relationships. You will feel a sense of optimism as soon as the year begins. This optimism and positivity will also have positive effects on your love life. Just make sure you do not over indulge in anyone as it can lead to problems.

Take things as far as you feel you can control them. Leos will feel much more sensuous and very active this year as compared to the previous years. You might also get multiple relationships this year, beware. You will be taken on an emotional ride throughout the year. Just don’t pay heed to false promises, sentiments and hopes this year.

Try to work towards a more constructive and positive growth in your love life this year and you will end up having the right people by your side as the year is close to ending.

Leo 2019 Family Horoscope:

family 2019Some family issues might come up in 2019. To solve the issues, you need to seek a strong footing. Don’t let your emotions and sentiments bring you down.

You can tread through this time if you don’t let things get to your head. There will be a highly charged atmosphere around the house all the days you are at home. Some of your errors will be flared up and you will need to be cautious not to let these minor things weigh you down.

There will be some major hiccups at home as soon as the year starts. You need to take some calculated risks to keep things normal and under control. Diplomacy and tact to solve family matters is the way to go this year.

Leo 2019 Health Horoscope:

health 20192019 is the year of vitality and energy for the Leos. This trend is going to continue until the middle of the year. You will need to rest and relax at times as too much work might build up stress.

Your general health will be at its best owing to your high sense of optimism. However, make sure you have some stored energy levels through these days. Take up some sports or recreational activity to keep you busy during your spare time.

This year is a good time to pursue the hobbies you’ve left behind because of any reason. Creative ventures will bring you satisfaction and peace of mind. Be vigilant regarding your health as you are moving towards the end of the year and there may be some serious health issues, both mental and physical, this time. Generally speaking, 2019 is going to be great year for your health and vitality.

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