Aquarius Horoscope 2019: Love, Career & Health

Aquarius Horoscope 2019

Aquarius in 2019 - The Year of Peace

Dear Aquarians! If you’ve been yearning for some peaceful time, it is right there waiting for you as you enter the next year.

2019 is going to be somewhat of a serene year for you. This is for the second year that Saturn, the ancient ruler of your sign, is very comfortable, confident and happy in the sign of Capricorn.

This gives Aquarians a taste of what you can expect to come to you as you enter the next year, as well as it prepares to enter your own sign by the mid-2020.

This year and the next one are the years where firm foundations will be set for Saturn to enter your sign. At the same time, in 2019 you will be questioning your spiritual practice and your inward beliefs. Spirituality has always been an important part of your life for many years now. This trend will continue to intensify further this year and the coming years as well. 

It might seem like a quite skeptical time. However, behold that it will also bring along joy, laughter and peace as Jupiter has also been playing around in your friendship house for the entire past year. You must have been shaken up by some eclipses this year, but the coming year will be much more tranquil and peaceful in this regard.

Will there be no excitement the coming year then?

Not at all. There will still be enough excitement to keep you busy the next year as well.

Your domestic zone has recently been entered by Uranus. Thus, you might decide to move to a new house in the next seven years. The entrance of Uranus into your angular house is very important.

For the people who believe that Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, its entrance into your sign also mirrors the stability that Saturn is already bringing to your life.

Creativity and children were very important to you in the last year but this one is going to be a work year. It will be a more serious period but don’t worry, with the movement of Jupiter into Libra after September 25th, you will have ample opportunities to enjoy life as you like and will be able to make the best of it.

The major areas of interest in the coming year will be finance, body, personal appearance, your image, work, health, sex, personal transformation, death and rebirth, spirituality and life after death. You will be more interested in these deeper things of life before September 25th.

After September 25th, your interests will move to activities like religion, metaphysics, philosophy, foreign travel, higher education, group activities, friendships and organizations.

The paths of greater fulfilment the coming year include domestic interests, sex, personal transformation, death and rebirth, the life after death and the other deep things in life until September 25th. This will change to philosophy, higher education, religion, foreign travel and meta physics after September 25th.

Aquarius 2019 Work and Career Horoscope:

work and career 20192019 appears to be a satisfying and favorable year for your career and business. There will be some professional ups and downs, but it is going to be a good year overall. The beginning of the year will be great for both the self-employed and the service people.

It will be a good period for entrepreneurs to launch their business ventures, and the newly started businesses may start picking up slowly. Overseas travel related to work might as well be on cards.

The latter half of the year will be great for businessmen to embark on new projects, as well as expand the already existing business. Construction and property dealers will also experience a surge in their business.

Travelling for business related opportunities and work-related tours may bring you gains. You can expect promotions, recognition and increments during the mid-year. 2019 will generally be a very rewarding period for all Aquarians. All you need to do is put in maximum efforts and you will be able.

Aquarius 2019 Money and Finance Horoscope:

money and finance 2019Earnings and money have been important to you for many years and their importance just gets stronger every passing year. You might have been involved in your personal fulfillment, self-concept and self-image until now, but you will be taking charge of your personal finances now.

You must have noticed that you spend a lot on your personal appearance, regardless of whether or not you have the finances to do it.

But there is a reason to it. For you, your personal appearance seems to be unusually important to your earnings. They play the role of your marketing and bring you more earnings than others. In general, your wealth is going to increase this year.

You will also have a desire for wealth along with good means to make it happen. You might not ever become Bill Gates, you will still be able to enjoy and steady rise in your income the coming year, taking you closer to your wealth and personal goals.

Aquarius 2019 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

love and relationship 2019You may feel the need to socialize more the coming year and the relationships may be a little unstable unless you have found yourself your soulmate. You may have a feeling of friendship, along with a need to be independent in the beginning of the year, but you will want to settle down in an emotional relationship later in the year.

You will meet new people in your professional circles who may become important to you on a personal level as well later on. August and September seems favorable time to get committed in relationships many of you may tie the knot in October.

If you are single, this year is the right time to take a decision about commitment and may also contemplate on marriage. Single parents also have a great chance of getting married during the last quarter of 2019.

Aquarius 2019 Family Horoscope:

family 20192019 is expected to be a great year for harmony, peace and good relationships with your family. You may also be able to develop a greater emotional bonding with the people in your family this year.

There may be some differences between you and your family members in the beginning of the year, but things will settle down as the year progresses. Your spouse will support you and your children may make you proud of their achievements and performances.

Aquarius 2019 Health Horoscope:

health 2019Health of Aquarians was good last year, and it is expected to continue the same way this year too. There are no major health related problems you should be worrying about.

Your health may even get better after September 25th when Jupiter will make a harmonious aspect to you. However, despite these wonderful aspects, there is a very strong 6th House of Health. This will make you interested in the keeping fit, take preventive types of medicines and indulge in exercise and diet.

You will be undertaking health regimes not because you are unfit or unhealthy, but as preventive measures to stay fit. Since the moon moves through your entire horoscope each month, the fastest of all the planets, healing comes to you through many instruments and in many ways.

While there might be some ups and downs in health, that will be covered in our weekly forecasts, you will generally have a much better health than the last year.

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