Taurus Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Taurus Horoscope 2018

Taurus 2018 - The Year of Peace

Hey Taurus! Come 2018, and you’ll find peace and serenity. You’ll be mentally relaxed, and will have so much to enjoy, but make sure that you exercise good control on your anger. Or it will drain all the love from your relationships. Your career is destined to shine this year, but if you are considering switching roles or jobs, then the period between March and July is not a great time to do it. In these four months, be very focused on your work and don’t take any steps which could put your job security at risk. But other than this period, 2018 is indeed promising in terms of your career especially if are interested in settling abroad. After all, this is the year when nothing would stop you from achieving your goals.

Your ruling planet, Venus, would come close to Virgo in July – a time when you’d help others in any way that you can. You may find yourself rearranging priorities half way through the year; make sure that personal success tops the list.

Love 2018

Taurus 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

During the start of 2018, Jupiter will be in your love sector and remain there till November. This planet energizes your relationships, implying that you would meet some new people who’d be interesting and fun. You would want to spend more time with your loved ones and will enjoy more passionate relationships. Once Jupiter leaves the relationship sector, this planet would enter your intimacy sector when you can then grow close to people you care about, strengthening emotional bonds with them. However, there would be a short period when you would lose connections or desire more space.

Venus will move back in the relationship sector in October, which may make things difficult for you. You may find yourself reconnecting with old people, but don’t get too involved, because they won’t stick around. Mercury also retrogrades in the early days of December, so communication would be a problem. Be more willing to listen, and things will work out.

Career 2018

Taurus 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

The solar eclipse in February will take place in your career sector. This is the time, when you should put in maximum efforts to achieve your goals and even set new ones if you want. You’ll be enthusiastic and motivated, and can utilize opportunities that would be thrown your way. Tread on a new path, work hard and you will be rewarded in July when the lunar eclipse takes place.

Mars would be in the career sector from the mid of May till June, so during this time, you would be more focused and disciplined. When Mars retrogrades, set back and ponder over your plans again, reassessing your decisions and steps. If you did anything incorrectly or did something that you weren’t so passionate about, you may have to experience a minor setback. Mars would enter your career sector in September again, and you’ll make greater achievements at that time.

And by the way, if you’ve worked hard enough all year through, do take a break in November when Venus retrogrades.

Health 2018

Taurus 2018 Health Horoscope:

Starting from the 16 th of July, Saturn would move towards Leo, so you may have to face some transitory stress. This may require you to make lifestyle adjustments; rest if you are tired, don’t burn yourself out and give yourself time and space if and when you need. Your energy levels are good throughout, enough for you to do whatever you want, but don’t focus on the inessentials. Realize what is important and what isn’t. Don’t push yourself too hard, or you may not like the way your body responds.

But otherwise, you’ll have a perfectly healthy year – a large part of it anyways. Jupiter would also be in your sector, contributing to your health.

And by the way, you can even improve your health if you pay some attention and take good care of your liver, kidneys and hips. Detox regimes can help you out here.

Family 2018

Taurus 2018 Family Horoscope:

A lunar eclipse is schedule for the 31 st of January in your home sector; during this time, you can expect to be concerned about some family matters. Address the issues and come up with effective problems. Let things go and make efforts to improve your relationships at home and strengthen ties in your family. On the 11 th of August, a solar eclipse is set to occur which means exciting time at. Travel with your family, support them in some way or initiate some home improvement projects.

During the last days of July and early August, you may face some problems at home like sparkling outlets or water leaks. There may even be some misunderstandings, leading to a fight. Communicate expressively and clearly, lend a listening ear and it will all turn out well.

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