Libra Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Libra Horoscope 2018

Libra 2018 - The Year of Blossoming

2018 will be both good and not so good for you. You’ll have to face some difficult times that would last for a while, but once they are over, gone are the troubles and the hard luck – for the whole year that is! Your career will eventually rise, and you would become more ambitious and start putting in more efforts, you’ll embark a new growth cycle and reach heights that you’ve never crossed before.

2018 may begin with some unsureties and unclarities though. Lean back and ponder. Learn more about yourself and proceed accordingly. After April or May, your personality may change, and from then onwards, you’d be back on the right track and enjoy success for the rest of the year.

Love 2018

Libra 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

Love will take on new meanings and paths for you this year, but you should really make efforts and try to understand your partner in a better way. Your relationships would be passionate and intense; fuel the fire, and baby, it’s going to be roller coaster rise, but you’ll be so satisfied!

Career 2018

Libra 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

In terms of your career, 2018 is blooming and exciting. You’ll close so many projects, accomplish so many goals, and probably enjoy a promotion or a new job, if you’ve been looking around. And even with so much going on at work, you still manage to balance it nicely with your home and personal life. Kudos to you, Libra!

In the last few days of March, a full moon will enter your sign. If you want to start afresh, and maybe take on some new opportunity or even a new job, this is a good time to do so. Because this particular period marls the ultimate point for new beginnings, defining how the rest of the year would progress.

Before March ends, all your open projects would probably end and you’d feel a sense of accomplishment and success. Take on new endeavors and goals now that are for a longer term. Some compromises you may have to make, but dear Libra, you know so well that you really need to put up with a few things, or a few people for that matter, if you want to flourish. Hold back your tongue, and don’t speak against anyone who has authority or power; it will only stall your progress.

In the month of June, you will be facing intense competition, but you’ll ace through. If you have been applying lately, don’t forget to brush up your resume, ensuring that your skills stand out. And If you are employed, don’t ask for a raise, some time off or any other benefits, just wait for some weeks, and you’ll be given all that you want without even asking for it. Work hard all this while; it’ll pay you off so well after the first 7 months of this year.

Health 2018

Libra 2018 Health Horoscope:

Your health is kind of mixed condition for the first part of this year. Saturn forms a square with your ruling plant, so you should definitely watch out your energy levels. Rest and relax. And do work as well, but work smarter and not harder without undergoing any physical strain.

Channel your energy and use it for things that really matter; don’t stress on the smaller things in life. Think about it; do they really matter or not? Definitely not, baby! Somewhere till the mid of July, you may have to make some tough choices. But after this time, Saturn will move away and so will some other planets. This immediately improves your health and it would remain in a good condition for the rest of the year. Neptune, your health planet, would rule during the second part of this year, which also has a positive impact on your body.

A little tip: take good care of your feet because that somehow enhances your health. So wear comfortable and good fitting shoes for most of the year; shoes that don’t hurt your balance or ache your feet. For parties and formal gatherings, you can kick off comfort, but not for more than 2 to 3 hours. Often soak your feet in warm water, get foot massages frequently and use other health tonics we well. All this would ensure that your health remains optimal.

Family 2018

Libra 2018 Family Horoscope:

You would show so much interest in family matters this year, valuing your parents and core values above everything else. Your career will blossom this year that is for sure, but you’d still give a more attention to your home, harmonizing things in the emotional realm. And this would actually be your true success. Some changes will take place after the 16 th of July, but nothing too major. Be cautious about the manner in which other people influence things and express yourself somewhat subtly.

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