Leo Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Leo Horoscope 2018

Leo 2018 - The Year of Relief

Leo! 2018 will be a year of mental reliefs for you, my dear friend. You will come across haters, but let them do what they want, and you do what you want. So long as, they don’t hinder your progress, why should you care? And if they become too much of a problem, you do know how to deal with them. But yeah, proceed with caution because 2018 isn’t a great year to make enemies.

Anyway, there is some success in store for you, most likely related to a court case if you have any open. Business will bloom, but for you to truly avail the opportunities, you’ll have to travel a lot between the period from March to July. Want to settle abroad or buy a new house? Now is a good time to do so, but keep your health under check should things get a bit too tiring or stressful.

In the month of February, you will face one of your biggest challenges ever when your decision making capabilities will be tested. This will likely happen during the sun-moon conflict. Fair well, and the world will know that you can indeed, do it, no matter whatever comes your way.

Come June, and that is the best time of the year to take out some time for yourself. Dress up, shop your heart out, sway at the parties all night and travel to a magnificent place. In July, the heat will rise, and you will fully embrace things, be proud of what you achieve and realize that you are bold, dynamic and brilliant!

Love 2018

Leo 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

A partial solar eclipse is scheduled in the middle of February, your perfect timing for making things right. You might have messed up in the past, but correct it now. Okay, we know apologies aren’t a piece of cake, and definitely not your thing, but if you were the wrong one in a relationship, you should admit and own up. Saying sorry doesn’t hurt; instead; it’ll just roll you onto the right path and set the wheel in motion again. So make adjustments at your end, and it will all work out really well.

What if you are single? Don’t think about a partner in the middle of February; this solar eclipse is influenced by Aquarius which implies that you would desire freedom. And even if you do want to start going out, definitely don’t choose someone who doesn’t let you shine. For the couples, balance your priorities and each other well.

In June, Venus will enter your sector, ensuring a fun-filled and playful love life, reminiscent of when you were a kid. Date new people either really causally at an amusement park or a carnival, or at an exclusive restaurant. Add a touch of red somehow, and it’ll act as your lucky charm.

A little bit of advice here through: don’t admire yourself too much such that you completely forget about the other person.

Career 2018

Leo 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

Your career will literally be on fire this year. Aries will strike your power planet in March and April, a time when you can make positive career changes. Hold onto the ram’s motivation, and you’d be able to take on bigger things and accomplish larger goals. You’ll have to face competition, and trust us, you will succeed – it’s all in the stars for you. But if things get tough, don’t give up. Show ‘em your fierce, daring side and march on until you get what you have set your eyes on.

Start a new project, take on a leadership role and ask for a better package or a raise. Let them know what you want, but be patient, and have a tight control over your anger. Your career will be fiery in July as well. Voice your opinions, point oat other people’s mistake, but stay away from gossip and workplace drama. There may be some setback in November, but that will most likely be brief.

Health 2018

Leo 2018 Health Horoscope:

Your health will be in an average state this year even if you take good care. Somewhere in the middle of the year, you may occasionally feel weak or kind of drained. During periods like these, go out somewhere where you can greet nature like a hiking trail or somewhere in the green meadows. Don’t physically exhaust yourself but enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Do monitor your diet and work out, though not too vigorously. And do keep a close tab on your physical condition. Take deep breaths and remain relaxed.

Family 2018

Leo 2018 Family Horoscope:

Your family may have some advice to offer this year, which you consider seriously. It is for your own good, and would reward you with joy. The kids and elderly people in your family may require your support, so be there for them.

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