Gemini Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Gemini Horoscope 2018

Gemini 2018 - The Year of Energy

2018 is a going to be a year full of energy and plenty of opportunities to grow. Gemini, you are probably the most talkative zodiac sign that there is. You are amazing with words and speak your mind without any kinds of fears, but despite that you would face several communications issues for a huge chunk of this year. Mercury, the planet that rules you, will retrograde in Aries in the last days of March, and during this time, be really careful about what you say. Ensure that no harsh words leave your mouth; if you hurt or offend someone, the effects would last a long time, and you’d be filled with regrets later on.

Mercury would retrograde into Sagittarius sometime in November, and you would really want to express yourself. Somewhat awkward moments are in store for you, so don’t sound too optimistic. Ever been in a situation when you want to say something so badly, only because you think it would make you look cool, but when you actually voice it, it’s just not so cool any more, and you have to face all these weird stares from other people. Exactly what we mean, so good as you may be with the tongue, at times saying everything that you want isn’t fine.

What if you hurt someone unintentionally? Clear things out and address all misunderstandings towards the end of August. The sun would enter your sector in the last days of May, and be there till June. Work on your talents and nurture your singing, speaking or even networking skills. You are generally good with the hands so you can even mould clay, bake bread or give or get manicures – and oh yeah, a trip at the spa as well. Great ways to spend your leisure time!

Do be cautious from the period between May to November when your enemies strike back, derailing you from your path. You may even encounter an accident or an injury. Be careful if you lend money to others and just continue to work hard; it would pay off well.

Love 2018

Gemini 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

So you like flirting? Venus will visit your love sector in April, and this would be a good time to do it. Whether you are a single or committed, you are a still a charmer, and like always, most of the romantic instances would work out for you. Your brain would be super sexy in this period, contributing to passion and fire in your relationships. So if someone doesn’t click with you during this time, let go of them; they aren’t the right person for you.

If you are single, arrange yourself some dates when June starts, and if you are committed, spend some more time with other people rather than with each other. This would help you avoid petty arguments and misunderstandings. For those of you who are married, the days after October would be a little hard.

Career 2018

Gemini 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

Mercury is set to enter your sign when May ends, giving you the advantage of a home ground. Wherever you go, you’ll play powerfully and extremely well. Things would come to you naturally, resulting in immense professional success. You finally achieve whatever you set out for, and so this obviously, would be a blissful and joyful period.

Mercury moves back in the last days of August; a time when you can initiate new projects. For anything that you were not so certain about earlier, now makes itself crystal clear. You have the confidence and wisdom to make good decisions, and whatever you pursue now, you’ll enjoy it later down the road.

Got a new idea? Give out presentations. Want to switch jobs? Schedule some interviews with hiring managers. Network with people, and grow your connections. Because this is the time when you’d play your ace verbal game, and convince people that you the perfect candidate for a promotion, job, project or whatever it is that you have your eyes, without too many difficulties on.

Keep in mind though that the year end isn’t a great time to switch because it would be the holiday season. But do it mid of the year, and you would get results.

Health 2018

Gemini 2018 Health Horoscope:

Gemini’s health and energy levels are expected to be at their best this year, which would enable you to perform hard and relentlessly, ensuring career success. Things may be a little intense and hectic during the middle of the year, but some leisure time or sports would put you back on track.

Family 2018

Gemini 2018 Family Horoscope:

Venus retrogrades at the start of November in your children’s sector; you may face some difficulties with them because they would behave badly and be extra rebellious. Be patient and let your kids vent out their feelings. Don’t be too harsh on them, or you would grow apart.

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