Cancer Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Cancer Horoscope 2018

Cancer 2018 - The Year of Possibilities

Hey Cancer! 2018 is an opportunistic year for you – the year when you rule your destiny. Throughout you’ll enjoy so many possibilities and chances to grow and bloom. Both your personal and professional life will bloom with you relishing in the rewards of all your hard work.

The sun will enter in your home sector towards the end of June, making it the best time to let go of the past. Don’t blame yourself for everything; things don’t always work out even if you want them to. You did your best, so you really don’t have to feel any kind of burden.

Where should your focus be this year? Cooking, art and family connections. Let your talents shine, and strengthen relationships with the people you love. Come July, and the sun, moon and your ruling planet form a trine, collaborating to ascertain your success. Maximize opportunities that you come across and make good use of them. This is the time to make any decision that you couldn’t till now; your intuition will make sure that you make the right ones. And oh, you’ll enjoy positivity in your relationships as well.

Another trine between the Scorpion sun and the moon occurs in the end days of October. During this time, you would detect all and any kind of nonsense. So if anyone tries to run you over or play games with you, somehow you’d known instantly. Make sure that you don’t form any ties with these negative people even later on.

Love 2018

Cancer 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

Your love live is going to begin amazingly well in 2018, right from the very first day. Your energy levels would be all high, and you’d be filled with emotions. Set your mind to anything that you want to, and you would achieve it. So if you want to propose your girlfriend, ask for her hand now as long as you do it in a romantic and seducing way. Want to date that girl? Go charm her up and her heart would melt instantly. Take the imitative, and things would be super easy and simple for you. Have the courage to make that move and do it confidently; you don’t have to worry about the consequences; not when all the stars are in your favor. Play with winning the game in mind - and winning big by the way.

In the mid of May, Venus will enter your love sector and turn you into a caring and nurturing person. Spread love, take care of others and cuddle up with your partner. You’ll be at your happiest during these days. There may be some emotional lows, but trust your instincts, and you’ll get through all these minor troubles. Your feelings of security and safety will drive you, ensuring that you remove all obstacles and leap ahead.

In the month of September, you may have to deal with consequences of your past moves when the moon and Saturn form a square. You’d realize the role that women have played in your life and your mom, or another motherly figure, would bring out the child in you when you deal with issues in your love life.

Career 2018

Cancer 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

Try as much as you may, but Cancer, you just cannot keep your emotions and work separate. And this year, it will be pretty much the same. Stock up on tissues at your workplace because you may find yourself crying a lot more than you would have wanted. Yeah, we know you can’t help it, but you can at least try to exercise some control over your emotions.

The start and end of January are the best times for you to finish off tasks, close accounts or complete important projects. Try not to leave anything for February, because you may not be able to do until March then.

You may find yourself taking things personally which won’t be good for your career. Don’t turn people away if they have some advice to offer or try to help you out in anyway. While listening would definitely be a challenge in the June, so would be voicing your opinions. Make sure that whatever you say doesn’t jeopardize your career or you in any way.

Health 2018

Cancer 2018 Health Horoscope:

2018 is a healthy year. If you can spare some time from your busy routine, do rest. Eat healthy and lead an active life. Your emotions may cause you to feel stress but a good, tough workout would rejuvenate you.

Family 2018

Cancer 2018 Family Horoscope:

Venus will retrograde in your family sector in the first two weeks of November, and you may lose patience with them. If you want things to work out fine, do extend some support and give them the comfort that they desire. You can also work on a home improvement project in 2018, and redo your space.

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