Aquarius Horoscope 2018: Love, Career & Health

Aquarius Horoscope 2018

Aquarius 2018 - The Year of Recognition

This is the year of recognition and rewards for you, Aquarius! Just be patient and you will be noticed. You may have to make some compromises, but don’t be scared to do so. Make new connections and try to increase your network that would prove to be a valuable support system later on in life.

Your moods may change quickly, but don’t let it get the better of you. And definitely assure that this doesn’t affect your professional or personal relationships in any way.

Love 2018

Aquarius 2018 Love and Relationships Horoscope:

Lucky you, Aquarius! You start 2018 with the love goddess, Venus in your sector. Obviously, you can expect your love life to be filled with excitement and thrill. You’re either in a new relationship or kind of feel new, interesting vibes if you are already committed. But this thrill may seem to conflict with your desires and freedoms. Some moments may be tense, and you may find yourself struggling to balance the time you devote to yourself and the one that you spend with your partner.

If you are single, you have plenty of options right now. Being an Aquarius, you don’t prefer one night stands, and are often more focused into becoming friends, before getting into each other’s intimate zones. But my dear, you’ll hardly come across potential partners who prefer this approach, so do try to get into the bedroom after that second or third date. Quick paced this maybe for you, but don’t worry, it will turn out well in the end. Why shouldn’t it, with the love goddess sitting in your house?

And oh by the way, try to date Gemini, Libra or even fellow Aquarius. You’ll feel greater intensity and fire then. In the last week of July, the full moon and the lunar eclipse will affect you. Tie up all the loose ends right now, or you’d have a hard time moving on. Control your emotions and consider things logically. Your partner may get frustrated, but hey, they have a choice of leaving you, and if they do, it’s fine. Someone better is waiting for you, and you’ll find them soon. Keep in mind that this is what is best for you.

Come November, and you’ll find the lost balance in your relationships and may even instill a new one. You’d learn a different way of doing things, which will take excitement to an all time high in the bedroom.

If you are single, visit casual places like an amusement park, and you may just find someone you’re destined to be with.

Career 2018

Aquarius 2018 Work and Finance Horoscope:

Uranus will turn around in your direction at the start of this year, putting you on your toes. You’d be alert all the time, quickly getting down to what really matters. Ruffle your feathers along baby, because you’ll be accomplishing something soon enough. And when you do, your bosses and coworkers would be left dumbstruck.

If you can squeeze in time, do sign up for some kind of training or program to increase your knowledge, and test out your skills.

May is the month when you’ll find luck right by your side. Try to finish off a project that is important, or any other task or assignment. You’ll do a really good job, and the management is sure to reward you. Watch out for your coworkers though; someone will be jealous!

You’ll continue to perform for the rest of the year. But do make sure that you are learning from past mistakes, and not repeating them.

Health 2018

Aquarius 2018 Health Horoscope:

Aquarians are going to enjoy immense energy levels this year, probably higher than any other sign. This energy will help them progress all year through without any breaks. However, you should make sure that you are following a healthy diet and regularly working out if you want to avoid some health issues in the latter part of the year. Exercise your mind as well, and often play crosswords, word puzzles and other brain challenges. Stay active throughout the year. Go out and have an adventure; a trek up the hills would rejuvenate you.

Your digestive system may give you some problems, but that would be for a very brief period. Eat healthy, and it wouldn’t be so bad then.

Family 2018

Aquarius 2018 Family Horoscope:

Your home would enjoy peace this year. Approach all family members in a balanced kind of way. Extend your support and give everyone the time that they desire. Be gentle and kind, and win people over. Most importantly, remain patient throughout.

And oh congratulations by the way, Aquarius! Your family will grow this year either by marriage or by birth of cuddly babies. You’d be filled with joy and so would be the rest of your family. Don’t let any disagreements arm this happy and beautiful time, and make sure there aren’t any disputes.

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