Cancer Horoscope 2017: Love, Career & Health

Cancer Horoscope 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017 – The Year of Transformations

Big changes are in the stars for you in 2017, Cancer. It will be the year of transformation, because no part of your life will be spared from the watchful eye of the universe. Some of these changes will seem negative at first, but things will end up looking better than ever. Go with the flow and see what the universe has in store.

Career 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017 - Career & Work

This year will bring a strange mix of good and bad in your career and finances. It’s likely that the year will begin on a note of discord, as your current role in your business or job may come under attack. This may mean having your hours cut back, or it may mean that your position will become redundant. Either way, be prepared for big changes – whether you like it or not.

By the middle of the year, you are likely to have gained some stability, but don’t stop there. If you keep pushing, especially in new directions you never expected to be traveling, you might find yourself in an even more intriguing position. Just don’t work yourself too hard. If you need help, ask for it, and it will be given. Smart leaders delegate.

Be on the lookout for new connections all through the year. Networking will bring surprising results. Not everyone you meet will be cut from the same cloth as you, but the stranger they are, the more likely they will be a positive influence in your life. Beware those who seem just like you; they may be trying to lull you into a false sense of security to take something that you deserve.

Love 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017 - Love & Relationships

The beginning of the year will be a great one to spend time with loved ones, Cancer. Families will come together, friends will be extra sociable, and lovers will have a blooming, seemingly insatiable passion.

Unfortunately, this energy will come to an abrupt halt as the first and second quarters of the year collide. Be careful to avoid arguments, and apologize for any hurt feelings you may cause through miscommunication. You need to pay special attention to your partner, Cancer, or the next shift in September and October could spell disaster.

If you have been on a search for your origins or a place to permanently call home, you might find it comes to fruition in 2017. Just be sure that you haven’t alienated your friends and family in the search. Even if you find that your new values clash with those of your origin family, you don’t have to rub it in their faces. Be kind to those whose continuing presence you want in your life.

Children will bring joy even in times of stress, so be sure to keep them in your sights. When they seem to need your help, offer it, and give credit when it is deserved. Everyone loves a pat on the back once in a while, and children do especially well under the right circumstances.

Health 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017 - Health 2017

may prove a trying year where your health is concerned, Cancer, especially where it concerns your lower abdomen or gastrointestinal system. If you are not sure your health and life insurance are up to date, choose a time early in the year to evaluate these important policies. It may be a bother, but it will be easier than figuring out how to handle a health crisis on your own.

No matter your age, you are not as young as you once were, which means it is time to make your health your top priority. Don’t let the pursuit of wealth, power, or love deplete your inner resources. You may find your energy isn’t what it once was, especially if you suffer from a chronic health condition, but you can’t let that keep you in your bed or on the couch.

Don’t be lazy. Get up and take daily exercise. Eat right and be sure that you are keeping up with your spiritual exercises as well. It wouldn’t hurt to add in a new daily meditation practice. Your efforts will be rewarded with a newfound feeling of all-over wellness that will influence all parts of your life.

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