Aquarius Horoscope 2017: Love, Career & Health

Aquarius Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 – The Year of Tempering

Everything must be weighed and balanced against everything else this year. Be careful with how you approach new situations – but don’t be afraid of them. Confidence, excitement, and positive change will come alongside money woes and relationship confusion. Tempering is key.

Career 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 - Career & Work

Be confident in 2017, Aquarius. Your finances may be uncertain, but your career prospects will be better than they have been. Spend the money when you need to. When unexpected bills come up with your family, it’s important to pay them in full quickly and get through the rough patch.

Your spending will increase on technology to further your business or career, as well; just don’t be too quick to give up money to frivolous things. Keep an eye on your bank account. Say no when you really can’t afford something, or you will find yourself in dire straits by the last part of the year.

Jupiter will be in your career sector late in the year, so don’t be surprised when the boss notices all your hard work and rewards it accordingly. Perhaps this will come in the form of a bonus or an unexpected business trip to an exotic locale.

Supplement your income with side jobs and new projects. You have experience in many areas; use that experience to forge a whole new path for yourself down your chosen avenue. This does not have to end up being your forever career, but it will be a fun side option that will make you money and keep you energized for your day job.

Love 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 - Love & Relationships

Intensity is the name of the game in 2017 for your relationships. If you’re feeling left out by your friends this year, Aquarius, it may be time to put a spin on the same old thing. Encourage your friends to try a new activity to bring the fun back into your regular meetups. Just because others may be in new relationships while you’re not, or new friends are joining the fray, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the solid group you once were. But all relationships take work, and friendships are no different.

In your romantic relationships, be prepared for a little strife. You may be feeling constrained and ready for a change. If your partner feels threatened, it’s up to you to make them feel safe and secure in your relationship again. Be sensitive to their feelings, and realize that the best partners talk through their problems instead of letting them pile up until the whole thing topples. Let the newfound intensity drive your relationship to a greater level of passion and understanding instead.

Family will be a bundle of surprises this year. The transition of Uranus will leave you in their minds and their hearts, which could translate into material gifts. Accept these with grace and be sure to thank them.

Health 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 - Health

Your mind is active as the year begins, Aquarius. The effects of Mars and Uranus will lead to a new openness of mind and heart with others, which will bring you spiritual peace. This spiritual peace bleeds over into your overall health if you can keep your tact in check. Without it, you will mar relationships and bring on undue stress to your mind and body.

Mercury is in retrograde, which will help you release pent up negativity from your past. Push through the ugliness and allow the transformation to happen. Your mental energy will thank you, and you will need to rely on it more and more as you struggle to keep up your physical energy and exercise habits.

Don’t stop exercising just because you feel like relaxing, but don’t push yourself too hard, either. Let the relaxing energy that comes with the year flow through you to keep you going slow but steady. Instead of an intense exercise regime, pick up your walking shoes and go for long walks in the morning, or begin a stretching routine.

Compliment your daily exercise with a balanced diet based primarily on vegetables and plenty of water. Keeping tabs on your intake and your potentially fluctuating weight will prime you for 2018, when your energy is likely to peak again.

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