Scorpio Horoscope 2015

Scorpio Yearly 2015 Horoscope ForecastScorpio Horoscopes & Astrology 2015 – The Year of Celebration

Like so many other sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, it appears you had quite a 2014. Filled with work and worry and achievement, there were times when you felt you were completely up to the task. And other times, you weren’t sure how you would make it through the next day. 2015 is here to tell you that it’s time to celebrate what you have done – and to feel the adoring eyes of others around you.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015 - Career and Work

You’ve been focused on your career for so long, and this hyper-focused state would leave anyone feeling exhausted and even burned out. If this sounds like you, then 2015 might be a year in which you stop thinking about your career and you think more about how you work in the world. When you stop thinking about what each action will get you in your career, you can focus on something else – what makes you really good at what you do.

Deep down, even if you’re not in your dream career yet, you have a passion for what you do. You take on a job and you want to do it well. In the past year, you may have focused on doing things to get noticed, but this year, focus on doing things because you want to do them well. You may notice you get more attention in this way than you did when you were actually trying to get others to see you.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015 - Love and Relationships

In your relationships, Scorpio, you’ve been feeling distant. Some of this has to do with others around you and things that have nothing to do with you. But you have also been focused on other things around you, and this has caused some moments of loneliness. True be told, you’re not averse to loneliness when it has a purpose to serve. And in the past year, you’ve needed more time to yourself, but 2015 needs to be a year when you challenge your desire to (possibly) hide.

Instead, take 2015 to celebrate those around you and to celebrate yourself. What does this mean? Start noticing when others do things well or when they simply are the best people they can be. Celebrate them and show them that you have seen them. When you do this, you will connect more deeply with the people who have been distant in the past few months.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015 - Health

Another concern for you, Scorpio, in this new year is your health. Even though you’ve been making strides to change the way you eat and the way you move, you have to admit things haven’t always been consistent. Instead of looking at these life changes as times when you might be doing something wrong, focus instead on EVERYTHING you’ve done right.

Whether you need to point it out to a friend who will cheer for you, or you want to write it down in a journal, celebrate every single thing you do right. When you begin to focus on the good things in your life, you not only attract good things, but you also begin to look for more. You won’t be stuck in a ‘what else can I do’ mode. You’ll be focused on the fact that you are already doing ‘it,’ whatever that means to you.

The world is a place where you have been seen and heard, and now it is time to celebrate. How this looks is up to you, but you need to make sure you’re taking the time you need (and the time you want) to start seeing the magnificent person you already are.

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