Gemini Horoscope 2015

Gemini Yearly 2015 Horoscope ForecastGemini Horoscopes & Astrology 2015 – The Year of Dedication

You have been ready for more, haven’t you, Gemini? And it’s been something that you’ve felt for some time. Out of the corner of your eye or in dreams, you’ve known you need to focus your energy somewhere. You may not know where yet, but 2015 is the year when you need to decide. You need to decide where your eyes will be focused and where your energy will be directed. When you decide, great things are bound to happen.

Gemini Horoscope 2015 - Career and Work

In many ways, a Gemini is not a person who is willing to say ‘this’ is the thing that they do. They want to try new things; they want to see what else they can learn. However, when this is the case, you might learn a lot of things, but it might not look like you are trying to better yourself. This year, you may want to think about how you can focus your energy and your intention in one direction at work. In doing so, you will begin to see what it looks like when your energy is in one place.

You might begin to feel less stressed, more energized, and more effective. If you’re not distracting yourself all the time, you will begin to see that you can get more done. Know too that you don’t need to be focused on this one thing forever. You might choose to focus on something else next, but the more you can test out your ability to dedicate yourself in one direction, the more you will begin to see results.

Gemini Horoscope 2015 - Love and Relationships

Now, just because this is the year of dedication doesn’t mean you need to get engaged or take your relationships to a new level. What this does mean is that you will want to consider how you treat your current relationships. Are you committing yourself to these partnerships at all? Or are you simply with people because they are interesting to you? Think on your intentions with everyone in your life. If they are important to you, think about how you might be able to dedicate yourself to them in some way.

How this looks is entirely up to you. It might just be that you take time to let others know they are important to you. But when you make this announcement, you need to follow it up with action. You need to continue to be in their life and to show them you weren’t just saying that.

Gemini Horoscope 2015 - Health

No matter how healthy you are or you aren’t right now, dedication to your health is crucial this year. You need to focus your energy on your body more than ever right now. This is not a time for you to move from one habit to another, again and again. You need to find something that works for you and give yourself to it.

As a Gemini, you are more interested in what’s new and exciting, and this is great. However, when you don’t follow through, you teach yourself and your body that you don’t need to try. Or you teach yourself that you’re not as dedicated to your body as you think you are.

This year, Gemini, allow yourself to move in one direction, toward one goal. When you do, you will be able to change the way you interact in this world. Though you may always want to see all of the shiny things and meet all of the people you see, being able to focus will allow you to form deeper connections. 2015 can become the beginning of bringing your curiosity into a more sincere space.

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