Capricorn Horoscope 2015

Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2015 ForecastCapricorn Horoscopes & Astrology 2015 – The Year of Truth

You are not a shy one, Capricorn. You’ve never been someone to hold your tongue, and you’ve certainly never been a person who has held back. However, you have noticed you are keeping things to yourself more than usual. No matter the reason, no matter the intention, it’s time to release some of the truth you’ve held back. You can do so in a kind way, of course, and 2015 is the time when you will begin to practice this more fully in all areas of your life.

Capricorn Horoscope 2015 - Career and Work

When it comes to your workplace, it might not see like a good idea to tell the truth, Capricorn. In fact, you have done this in the past, and it hasn’t always ended well. But there are things that need to be said and you need to tell them to certain people. This is the year when the universe is ready to back you up and to help you say what you need to say. This might mean you need to pull someone aside to talk to them, or it might mean you need to talk to your boss.

These can be scary situations, as you don’t know what will happen as a result of your words. At the same time, when you release truth into the world, you release the possibility of balance. You will want to make sure you are only sharing the things that will be helpful in the world, rather than simply sharing things that are on your mind. Discernment is key.

Capricorn Horoscope 2015 - Love and Relationships

Speaking of honesty and discernment, this is a common concern in the relationships of your life. So often you just want to tell others what you think, as opposed to telling them in a kind way. This has caused some troubles in your life, and it has caused you to feel unclear about whether you are doing anyone any good with your desire for honesty.

This year, Capricorn, try to think about this truth telling in a new way. Stop before you say anything and allow the words to repeat in your head. Think about how you would feel if you heard those words. Think about what questions you might have if someone told you those words. Once you think through these ideas, if you still want to say what you want to say, go for it. But it’s more likely that being truthful with yourself will allow you to see what you should actually share.

Capricorn Horoscope 2015 - Health

Though you may not have attributed your health concerns to the way you interact with others, 2015 might be the time to do so. When you’re saying things because you want to say them, instead of saying them to be helpful or honest, you are causing energetic damage. This damage isn’t just directed outward. Deep in your cells, you know you are causing harm, and this is causing you harm as well. Take time this year to find a way to release anything that’s built up in your body. You might go for a strenuous run or you might sit in a hot tub. Whatever helps you release negatively, do it. Again and again.

2015 is not about holding your tongue. Instead, Capricorn, you need to think about the intention behind your desire to speak. If you are trying to help, then continue to share what you have to say. If you are trying to prove someone wrong or you are trying to take power from someone else, consider the ‘why’ before you say anything out loud.

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