Signs of Healthy Eating

These days, there is substantial focus on working out as a way to remain healthy. For the fire signs, this might mean high energy exercises where some of that aggression can be worked out. For earth signs, something involving team cooperation and spirit is always good to get your heart pumping. When it comes to water signs, the opportunity to let out some of that pent up passion is fun in sports like kick boxing or spinning. And as for air signs, sticking to a systematic workout routine will keep you coming back.  

Regardless of your sign, so much focus is put into working out to stay healthy that sometimes, we forget the obvious. Food matters! It’s important to remember that the food you put in your body can be just as - if not more - important than how you burn it off. 

Everyone knows the expression “You are what you eat”. That couldn’t be more true. If you are guilty of shoveling snacks foods and empty calories in your mouth, you are constantly running on empty. You’re probably tired, moody and unable to understand why you can’t get anything done. Here’s a newsflash - in order to maximize all of the great qualities that are inside you, you have to eat the right foods to bring them out! 

One thing that the world is struggling with right now is an eating on the run mentality. Aries and Leo, always guilty of trying to do to much, are constantly grabbing what’s quick, easy and not necessarily healthy. Food is best when it’s in its natural form. If you find that you are not taking the time to eat the basics because you’re too busy, it’s time to slow down and start planning ahead. For a Libra, this systemic approach will work exceptionally well. For everyone else, it might take a bit of extra effort but it will be worth it! Here’s how you can start eating better: 

Tips on Eating Better, for Any Sign   

- For three days, keep a food journal. Write down absolutely everything you eat. Try to do this on three days that do not fall on a holiday or special occasion.  
- Evaluate what you have written. Determine how many calories and fat you consume every day, how many servings of fruit and vegetables you eat, how much junk you consume...  
- Commit to making two small changes. This might be adding three pieces of fruit to your diet per day or eliminating processed foods on Thursdays.   
- Plan ahead to achieve the two small changes. This might mean packing a lunch, stopping at the store on a more frequent basis, spending a bit more money on health food. 

Remember, we all come from the stars but until we return to them, we are responsible for the body we have been given. Work on supplying it with the right fuel it needs to run. It may mean making some changes but in the long run, those changes can pay off big time. Once you start thinking about what you’re eating and making positive choices, you are certain to see excellent results in your future...

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