Herbalism: Creating Rose Oil or Floral Oil

Herbalism: Creating Rose Oil or Floral OilFloral waters have been with us throughout the centuries, even to the time of Cleopatra, who used them as as part of her beauty regime. Unlike adding commercial essential oil or synthetics to water as modern hydosols do, making your own floral water will capture the essence of the plant including its energies. This can also be important when making your own oils, as modern methods do not capture all of the aromatic, healing, and spiritual properties.


Use only the most fragrant varieties, since the fragrance derived is dependent on the strength you begin with. This leaves out most store bought stem varieties, and also because they may be treated with chemicals. Harvest them after it has been sunny for a few days, since rain will dilute their potency.

Soaking the petals in the oil will extract the oil of the petals. Leaves, petals, and sometimes thorns are used for various magical purposes. The phase of the moon that you gather your petals during should correspond to the spiritual work you wish to achieve – waxing is for increase, waning is for decrease. Roses for attracting love might be gathered under a full moon, for example.

Creating Rose Oil or Any Other Floral Oil

First Recipe

1. In a clean glass crock, pour in one half cup extra virgin olive oil.
2. Add to the oil enough freshly picked rose petals to cover the oil.
3. Let stand 24 hours.
4. Strain oil through cheese cloth pressing all oil from rose petals.
5. Discard rose pressed petals.
6. Add fresh rose petals to this oil and repeat.
7. Repeat the process until desired strength of scent

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