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Herbalism: Creating Rose Oil or Floral Oil

Herbalism: Creating Rose Oil or Floral OilFloral waters have been with us throughout the centuries, even to the time of Cleopatra, who used them as as part of her beauty regime. Unlike adding commercial essential oil or synthetics to water as modern hydosols do, making your own floral water will capture the essence of the plant including its energies. This can also be important when making your own oils, as modern methods do not capture all of the aromatic, healing, and spiritual properties.


How Spectacles Can Make Your More Beautiful

You have been to the eye doctor and found out you need glasses.  You’re not able to wear contacts according to the doctor so you are in need of glasses. At first you feel like you will never be beautiful again.  After all you have a beautiful set of eyes and a beautiful face; but there is really good news.  If you


Signs of Healthy Eating

These days, there is substantial focus on working out as a way to remain healthy. For the fire signs, this might mean high energy exercises where some of that aggression can be worked out. For earth signs, something involving team cooperation and spirit is always good to get your heart pumping. When it comes to water signs, the opportunity to let out


Healthy diet

Healthy diet by Juli. Use this for 2 weeks then 1 week break and next 2 weeks.


-         do not use sugar, salt and alcohol
-         use minimum oil
-         do not change lunch with dinner  


Breakfast: black coffee
Lunch: 2 eggs, 2 tomatoes, 1 graham horn
Dinner: 1 steak chicken/ cavy
Beverages: 2-3 litres mineral water, 1 cup nettle tea 


Breakfast: coffee with milk, 1 graham horn
Lunch: 1 steak chicken/ cavy, salad, a