Leo February 2016 Horoscope: Love, Money and Career

Leo February 2016 monthly horoscopeWhile February has an extra Leap Day this year, it’s still a short month and the gods are packing a lot in, making smart time management essential from the get go. Playing a big part in this month’s make up are the professional, relationship and money gods, with an important month on your hands for work, relationship, financial and income matters, but also when the Fun Police are also on patrol and they’re not cutting you any slack. Fortunately things are structured in a way that apart from a need for smart time management, there is no obstruction between the different areas of your life, apart from a few special days. With Mercury leaving your work sector on the 14th February and Venus on the 17th February, heart and mind will not only be in work mode, but committed to putting this new working year on the right track.

They’ve got support of some powerful forces in your income sector, so much so that there is the potential for opportunities on both the work and income fronts. While the solar spotlight is on your relationships until the Sun leaves your relationship sector on the 19th February, an easy progression will see support continue. On both the work and relationship fronts the momentum continues, with a sense of continuity.

The only time there is some open competition is between your income and financial sectors and this might result in some periods of financial tension, especially around the time of a Full Moon in your income sector on the 23rd February. This will fall during the Sun’s early days in your financial sector and while this may push some buttons and evoke some strong emotional responses, it holds the potential for some real breakthroughs on both the income and financial fronts. However, watching over everything are playful and adventurous forces, powerful enough to pull you up if they need to.

Leo February 2016 Love Horoscope

Thanks to the fact that you not only moved into the New Year with Venus, planet of love in your romantic sector but she spent the first 24 days of the year here, you’ve been able to start the year with the spirit of romance in play, your heart engaged and a clear sense of what you want from love moving forward. While Venus has moved on it’s the time that she spent with Saturn that gives this powerful planet something to watch over and police, something he’ll take seriously for the rest of this year and right through to the end of next year.

Knowing what you want from love comes with a commitment to doing your part, something you won’t be able to shy away from this year. However, for the most part romantic forces will now operate in the background, focused more on the journey. This allows your relationships to have their turn, especially as February is always the month that the solar spotlight will always fall on your relationships. When the Sun returned last month your annual relationship review had a head start, thanks to the week that Mercury had already spent in your relationship sector early last month and the time spent over the course of 2015 updating your relationship needs and priorities.

While Mercury will return to your relationship sector on Valentine’s Day, getting back to the job of making sure the communication lines are open and Venus, planet of love will return on the 17th February to bring her special magic into play, neither will be here when a New Moon on the 9th February offers a chance for a fresh start and new beginnings. This is too early to commit to anything specific, but it is a valuable chance to commit to your relationships and the journey ahead.

Leo February 2016 Money Horoscope

With major players on the field on both the income and financial fronts every month is going to be an important month for both, with 2016 a year where having your money hat on all 366 days will be a must. However, the balance of power is shifting, while you’ll still have the challenge of keeping money and income matters balanced. It was Jupiter’s return to your income sector in August that not only began the most important year for income growth and opportunities in a decade, something that will continue to play out throughout the coming year, but also created an opposition with long established forces in play on the financial front.

Since then income forces and a focus on income matters has dominated, but that is already starting to shift. With Jupiter spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your income sector, income matters are now in review mode and that will remain the case through to May, though the money gods are making sure that you’ll still have an eye out for new opportunities as well.

However, what this does is free you and the money gods up to give money matters as a whole some much needed attention and that’s before the Sun’s return to your financial sector on the 19th February. Returning at this time every year, this is when your annual financial review begins, yet this is something you’ve began working towards since late last month. While the solar spotlight won’t fall on financial matters until the 19th February, the money gods are working from the get go to revamp your whole attitude to money and financial matters.

While this sees the focus shift more to money matters as a whole, income matters will get their turn during a Full Moon in your income sector on the 23rd February. Throughout the Moon’s visit, from the 23rd February to the 25th February you’ll have a nose for money, at what will be a critical point of the month for work matters.

Leo February 2016 Career Horoscope

With Pluto in your work sector from 2008 to 2024 there is never going to be a month where taking your work hat off is an option, but spending from April to September of each year in retrograde motion and December and January always the most active months of any year, February is usually the month where you’re able to dial things back. Last year, when the Sun left your work sector Pluto was on his own and it stayed that way until Mercury returned in December, so you were already at a point where you had your head in the game, decisions made, game plan in place, a clear sense of what you were working towards and the journey itself underway.

However, while Mercury returned on the 10th December for what should have been a 15 day visit, thanks to his retrograde turn last month he’s still here and won’t leave until the 14th February. For the first two weeks of February you’re able to keep your head in the game and ideas on the table but also where a sense of urgency is pushing you to finalise your game plan, talks and any choices, decisions and plans that need to be made.

It wasn’t until Venus returned to your work sector on the 24th January that your heart had its say and not due to leave until the 17th February this is still a work in progress. Once Venus leaves Pluto will be on his own, your new working year will be off and running and the course set for the coming year. However, until then Venus will not only be working to give your heart a voice and attract opportunities, but to cement your desires and expectations for the coming year. Having spent less than 76 hours of 2015 in your work sector and with lucky Jupiter in your income sector for the first time in 12 years, Venus is making up for lost time, while keeping an eye on where the money is. The Moon’s return to your career sector from the 14th February to the 16th February will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as Mercury leaves your work sector on the 14th February and during Venus’ final days, before she too leaves on the 17th February.

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