Capricorn February 2016 Horoscope: Love, Money and Career

Capricorn February 2016 monthly horoscopeThe first full month in over two years with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses is set to dispel any fears that you might lose your professional momentum anytime soon, while at the same time reveal what you’ve been missing out on. With Jupiter spending his first full month in retrograde motion in an adventurous part of your chart, the North Node continuing to hold the doors open to new experiences and a Full Moon here on the 23rd February giving things a push, there’s a chance to experience some of life’s richer and more adventurous experiences. So much so that you may find that your excuses are being challenged. If life has been all work and no play then it’s time to change that up. At the same time you’ve reached an important month for personal and professional networking, teamwork and friendship building, especially in situations where you’re able to team up with others in competitive projects or anything that excites you.

In the meantime, while your birthday month ended last month, until Mercury leaves Capricorn on the 14th February you’re still making up your mind and until Venus leaves on the 17th February your heart is still deciding what it wants from the coming year. You’re in a much better position now or will be by the second half of the month, to make more specific choices, decisions and plans for the coming year. It’s in the later part of the month that things will start coming together on the income front and with the professional gods having invested so much over recent years but now standing back, this is a chance to focus more on the money but also what’s in it for you across all the currencies in your life. Throughout the month there’ll be a growing awareness of how important those things close to home are, but also time out to hear yourself think.

Capricorn February 2016 Love Horoscope

By this time last year Venus, planet of love had not only left your sign, she had spent less than 76 hours here, in the early days of 2015 grabbing just the very tail end of what was effectively her 2014 visit. This year she’s making up for lost time, for having returned last month she’ll not only remain here until the 17th February, putting her here on Valentine’s Day, but will return later in the year for a second visit.

With the most romantically charged weeks of 2016 still a few months away, but your birthday month already over, Venus has returned on a special mission to rebuild your romantic confidence and update your romantic desires and expectations for the coming year. With Mercury, planet of communication not only in your sign until the 14th February but having returned over 2 months ago for what should have been a 15 day visit, he’s having a big influence on both the romantic and relationship fronts. With Mercury here to support Venus as she fuels your romantic desires and expectations, together they bring a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page.

Where Venus fuels a sense of what’s possible and brings the spirit of romance into play, Mercury is able to give that a voice and help you turn that into some concrete intentions. It’s not just Venus, planet of love that will be in your romantic sector on Valentine’s Day but the Moon as well. Returning on the 14th February and staying on until the 16th February the Moon will ensure there are romantically charged lunar vibes in play during Venus’ final days in Capricorn. In the meantime, until leaving your sign on the 14th February, Mercury will be working to keep the communication lines open, especially on the relationship front.

Capricorn February 2016 Money Horoscope

The focus is always going to be on income matters at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the majority of the first 3 weeks of February in your income sector each year. This year there is a new sense of clarity and confidence, one that comes from the fact that the financial tension that was here this time last year is gone, while you’ve spent much of 2015 redefining your needs and priorities.

By the time the Sun even got here you had a pretty good sense of where to set the goal posts and especially how high to set them, making things seem easier and more straightforward this year. However, don’t be alarmed if nothing has shifted or if you don’t feel ready to commit to anything yet, despite the fact that a New Moon in your income sector on the 9th February creates an opportunity to commit to new beginnings and opportunities.

The reality is that until you have your head and heart in the game you’re jumping the gun. The real momentum will come once Mercury and his smart head for money return on the 14th February and even more so when Venus returns on the 17th February, fuelling your confidence, desires, expectations and a sense of entitlement, but also triggering the laws of attraction.

While this is the first full month since October 2013 where there are no planets in either of your two professional houses, with the Moon in your work sector from the 16th February to the 18th February you’ll have an intuitive read on just how many options you have, just as things start to come together on the income front. The only chance you’ll have to focus on money matters as a whole or to take care of any financial housekeeping will be during the Moon’s visit to your financial sector from the 20th February to the 23rd February.

Capricorn February 2016 Career Horoscope

February is set to be a whole new experience for you, with the first full month with no planetary activity in either of your professional houses taking away a lot of the pressure and finally giving you a chance to take your professional hat off at times, while being able to put it on and play things when and how you want.

As far as the professional gods are concerned this is a very temporary state of affairs, for not only will new work developments open up in May and June, but in late August the early phases of your most expansive professional year in over a decade will begin unfolding. What the professional gods are doing this month is letting things settle, giving you a chance to step back and let things play out. With over 2 years of continuous planetary activity in your career sector and with Mars having just finished fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit last month, there is no danger that you’ll lose your professional momentum anytime soon or run out of things to work with and on.

However, this does make the Moon’s monthly visits to your two professional houses a lot more important, providing your only direct access to the professional gods. The first opportunity will be through the Moon’s visit to your work sector from the 16th February to the 18th February, giving you an intuitive read on work matters and some valuable clues, hunches and insights.

This will put the Moon here during the Sun’s final days in your income sector, while the Moon’s return to your career sector from the 25th February to the 28th February will ensure your professional instincts are sharp just as something special is developing on the income front.

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