Aries February 2016 Horoscope: Love, Money and Career

Aries February 2016 monthly horoscopeWith Venus and Mercury both running behind schedule, Venus because of her retrograde phase last year and Mercury because of his retrograde phase last month, they’re running behind the Sun and in the process acting as ‘closers’. When the Sun moves through an area of your chart Venus and Mercury are moving through after the fact, bringing things together, exploiting all potential and tying up loose ends. To begin with this is happening on the professional front, for while the Sun left your career sector on the 21st January, with Mercury here until the 14th February and Venus until the 17th February they’ll spend the early weeks of the month getting as much professional traction as possible.

With Jupiter spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your work sector and a Full Moon there on the 23rd February, there will be an all out effort to get this new professional year off on the right track. The same format is being followed in a more socially focused part of your chart, for while the Sun will leave your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking on the 19th February, with Mercury returning on the 14th February and Venus on the 17th February, they’ll spend a few days together before taking over from where the Sun left off.

This will maintain a social focus and influence as you then move into a period of the year where you’d much rather put out the 'do not disturb' sign. For it’s on the 19th February that the month long wind down of your old solar year begins and while this is just as you move into a more socially active point in the year, you’ll need to balance this with time to hear yourself think. Missing this month is the personal and/or relationship tensions that have dogged you for the last two years, with some romantic surprises triggered by the Chinese New Year and the launch of the Year of the Monkey.

Aries February 2016 Love Horoscope

The word I would use to describe the love gods’ influence this month is ‘cunning’, unable to get in by one door so using the other door instead. For the first time since October 2013 you have a month where there is no planetary or cosmic activity in your relationship sector, apart from the Moon’s monthly visit, something that is the bare minimum you can expect.

While Mars’ departure from your relationship sector in early January left you and your relationships on your own, with over 2 years of constant support from the relationship gods this has left you with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

To be quite honest this is a relief, for when there is focus on your relationships there is going to be pressure, with a chance now for your relationships to move into a new phase, one that is more about the journey. This is the perfect opportunity for a romantic comeback, except that there is no planetary activity in your romantic sector at this time of year. This is when the love gods get cunning, for while the Moon’s monthly visit to your romantic sector from the 20th February to the 23rd February will bring a brief romantic interlude, matters of the heart are getting a major boost from another quarter.

On the 9th February we usher in the Year of the Monkey, a year that is set to be especially romantically charged for all Aries. Simply by being born with your Sun in Aries, this opens the door to a romantically charged year, one that begins 6 months to the day since lucky Jupiter left your romantic sector last August. There’ll be a chance to take care of any relationship housekeeping during the Moon’s monthly visit to your relationship sector, from the 5th February to the 28th February.

Aries February 2016 Money Horoscope

That you still have your money hat on, weeks after your annual financial review ended late last year and months after Saturn’s departure from your financial sector in September brought a nearly 3 year financial boot camp to an end is not the norm, nor is the planet at the controls. Long after money matters should be left to run their natural course Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos and your ruling planet is still in your financial sector, firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit. Having returned on the 4th January for what is normally a 6 week visit Mars should be gone by midmonth but instead is digging in his toes.

Even when he does leave next month he’ll be fighting it all the way, finally getting his way and retrograding back in May, when he’ll spend several more months here. Whether you’re dealing with financial challenges, chasing goals or just fighting to take your power back, you’ve not only got the motivation and determination, but the experience gained over recent years and even more so over recent months. With everything out in the open you’ve got an opportunity for a fresh start, something that you’ve been working towards since the early days of the year and will continue to work towards over the coming months.

The fact that the month will begin and end with the Moon in your financial sector will ensure your financial instincts are sharp, but also give you a chance to tap back into the enthusiasm that took root in the early days of the year. While the focus will remain on money matters all month, it’s only during the Moon’s first visit to your income sector from the 14th February to the 16th February that you’ll have a chance to focus on income matters. However, falling at a critical point of the month for career matters, a nose for money will kick in at the perfect time.

Aries February 2016 Career Horoscope

While the Sun left your career sector on the 21st January, unlike last year when this brought the active launch of your new professional year to an end, this year this is still very much unfolding, though is in its final phase. With Pluto in your career sector from 2008 to 2024 and especially now with the support of Jupiter and the North Node in your work sector, the reality for you is that you’ll have your professional hat on all 366 days of this year, but for the most part it’s more about the journey and keeping the wheels turning. It’s not until the faster moving planets move through that the pace picks up and with the Sun always spending the final days and early weeks of every year in your career sector, this is when the professional gods come together to bring one professional year home and get your new professional year off the ground, usually without skipping a beat between the two.

When the Sun left in January 2015 Mercury, Venus and Mars had long gone, with Venus having spent less than 76 hours in your career sector last year, but it’s a different story this year. While Mars will return later in the year it won’t be until late September and will be more an early start to bringing this new professional year home, leaving it up to Venus and Mercury to wrap things up.

Last year they both left your career sector in the very early days of 2015, whereas Mercury is still here and still keeping your head in the game until he leaves on the 14th February, while Venus will continue to fuel your professional confidence, desires and expectations and trigger the laws of attraction until leaving on the 17th February. Both will return later in the year, with an invested interest in getting this new professional year off the ground with the right game plan and intentions. Once Venus leaves on the 17th February it will become more about the journey, while Jupiter’s first full month in retrograde motion in your work sector is holding the doors open to the past and untapped potential on the work front.

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