Famous Sagittarius

Famous Sagittarius

Famous Sagittarius People (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius celebrities

Sagittarius sportsmen

Sagittarius politicians

Sagittarius scientists

Other famous Sagittarius

Famous Sagittarius celebrities:

Christina Aguilera
Is an American pop musician.

Woody Allen
Is an American screenwriter, film director, actor.

Kim Basinger
Is an American film actress and former fashion model.

Walt Disney
Was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor.

Nelly Furtado
Is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress.

Ed Harris
Is an American actor.

Jimi Hendrix
Was an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Katie Holmes
Is an American actress.

Billy Idol
Is an English rock musician.

Is an American rapper and businessman.

Samuel L.Jackson
Is an American film and television actor.

Milla Jovovich  
Is a Ukrainian-born American model, actress.

Bruce Lee
Was a Chinese American and Hong Kong actor.

John Malkovich
Is an American actor, producer and director.

Ozzy Osbourne  
Is an English singer-songwriter.

Edith Piaf
Was a French singer.

Frank Sinatra
Was an American singer and actor.

Britney Spears
Is an American singer and entertainer.

Steven Spielberg
Is an American film director. 

Famous Sagittarius sportsmen:

Monica Seles
Tennis player. 

Famous Sagittarius politicians:

Winston Churchill
Was a British politician known chiefly for his leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II. 

Famous Sagittarius scientists:

Emily Dickinson
Was an American poet. 

Others famous Sagittarius:

Ben  Bernanke
Is an American economist .

Noam Chomsky
Is an American linguist, philosopher.

Was a French apothecary.

Gianni Versace
Was an Italian fashion designer.

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