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Famous Libras People (September 23 - October 22)

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Libras scientists

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Famous Libras celebrities:

Monica Bellucci
Is an Italian actress and fashion model.

Steve Burns
Is an American entertainer.

Michael Douglas
Is an American actor and producer, primarily in movies and television.

Hilary Duff
Is an American actress and recording artist.

Is an American actor and singer.

Is an American rapper.

Avril Lavigne
Is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

John Lennon
Was an English rock musician, singer-songwriter, author.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Is an American actress.

Luciano Pavarotti
Was an Italian operatic tenor.

Daniela Pestova
Is a Czech model.

Susan Sarandon
Is an American actress.

Alicia Silverstone
Is an American actress.

Bruce Springsteen
Is an American singer-songwriter.

Gwen Stefani
Is an American singer and fashion designer.

Kate Winslet
Is an English actress and occasional singer.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Is a Welsh actress, currently based in the United States.


Famous Libras sportsmen:

Martina Hingis
Is a retired professional tennis player.

Martina Navratilova
Is a Czech-American tennis player.


Famous Libras politicians:

Jimmy Carter
Served as the 39th President of the United States.

Václav Havel
Is a Czech playwright, essayist, former dissident and politician.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Is the Prime Minister of Israel.

Vladimir Putin
Was the second President of Russia and is the current Prime Minister of Russia.

Lech Walesa
Is a Polish politician and a former trade union and human rights activist.


Famous Libras scientists:

Miguel de Cervantes
Was a Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright.

Arthur Miller
Was an American playwright and essayist.

Alfred Nobel  
Was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator.

Oscar Wilde
Was an Irish playwright.


Others famous Libras:

Pope John Paul I
Reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church.

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