Prince William and Kate Middleton Compatibility

Definitely one of the most watched couples right now is Prince William and Kate Middleton.   

Prince William is a Cancer, just as his mother.  He was born on June 32, 1982.  Prince William possesses many great characteristics according to his Astrology chart, such as deep nurturing, emotional energy and a compatibility with others. There are many unique characteristics among him and Kate, who is also born in the year of 1982.  Prince William has three planets in Libra, which are responsible for his ability to handle tough situations.  Kate also shares these three planets on her charts, although Saturn and Pluto are closer together which form a tighter conjunction.  What this means for Kate is that she is capable of masking her true feeling in the public and among the Royal family, which will give her a great asset in the marriage.

Although born in the same year, both Kate and Prince William have Suns in different signs.  Prince William’s Sun sign is in Cancer while Kate’s Sun sign is in Capricorn.  What this means for the couple is that they are not necessarily faced with hardship due to the opposite alignment of their Sun sign, but on the contrary, this may help their relationship as each has a different perspective in life. 

Prince William and Kate are an adventurous couple.  This too, is written under the stars.  This is due to their Moon in Cancer which both Prince William and Kate share which is portrayed through a dynamic, loving couple.  Each possesses a strong loyalty to the other and each has a strong commitment to family. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be a bit aside from the trend of the Royal family.  In fact each is daring, freedom lovers and have a spirit that may rewrite the Royal rulebook. 

Another similarity among the Royal couple is that each of their charts has Neptune in Sagittarius which is the dynamo that we see among the couple.  Each, Neptune and Sagittarius are highly powered planets which will help to see that the couple withstands the test of time. 

Prince William and Kate are emotionally connected in every sense of the meaning.  Each has Jupiter in Scorpio which is an asset to the couple.  For the couple as far as the Astrology charts go, there is only one minor obstacle and that is that Prince William’s Pluto is conjunct with Kate’s Saturn.  Although this may not create a problem, it is the one negative energy among the couple, which each should overcome, as both Prince William and Kate have this combination in their natal horoscopes.   

For the Royal couple, yes, it definitely appears that I is written in the stars.

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