Prince William and Kate Middleton- A Royal Match

What do the alignment of the charts have to say about Prince William and Kate Middleton?  According to the Astrological  charts, there is much more than compatibility among Prince William and Kate Middleton.  In fact, in nearly every aspect of Astrology, they seem to make the perfect combination of a royal pair.   Kate and Prince William’s beginnings start with similarities.  Both are born in 1982, with the positioning of the planets similar in nature.  Important aspects are also similar.   

While Kate and Prince William experience Suns in different signs, this does not create conflict.  Kate’s Sun sign is in Capricorn and Prince William’s is in Cancer, which is only the beginning of how the charts have aligned this royal couple.  Opposite Sun signs do not create a problem, but may help their relations with each as each holds a different perspective in life. 

Both Kate and Prince William have Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Libra.  With both, Kate and Prince William have the planets spaced differently on their charts, which makes for a unity they will share for life.  On Prince Williams chart the planets are spaced evenly apart, while on Kate’s chart, Pluto and Saturn are closer to form a tighter conjunction.  What this means for Kate is that she will be able to mask her inner emotions all while in the light of the royal family and the world.  Prince William also has this ability.  And, between the two it is destiny that they rewrite the Royal rulebook.   

The sparks that you see unite when the young couple looks at one another definitely is their Moon in Cancer, which they both share.  With sharing their Moon in Cancer each is emotionally attached to one another and understands where the other is coming from.  They also possess the characteristics that are shared under their charted Moon which are a strong loyalty to one another and a strong love of family- which, each of them admires. 

Both Kate and Prince William share their Mercury in Air Signs.  This ensures their intellectual rapport.  Kate’s Mercury is positioned in Aquarius and Prince William’s Mercury is positioned in Gemini.  Characteristics that Prince William possess due to this alignment is a sure paradise for the both of them, as Prince William is not only outgoing and loves conversation and meeting people from every walk of life, there is a trine between his Mercury and Kate’s Mars, which means they can communicate with one another for a lifetime.   

Both Kate and Prince William show to be freedom lovers, which the stars confirm.  Venus, on Prince William’s charts is in Taurus, conjunct with Chiron and in opposition to Uranus in Sagittarius.  Although this shows Prince William to, at times, be possessive, and to experience hardships in relations this is largely due to the early death of his mother, Princess Diana.  On the other hand, Kate’s charts show her Venus sextile Uranus in Sagittarius and what this means for the couple is that with Kate’s Astrological charting, she will help Prince William to overcome this, bringing the greatest bon in life among one another.   

Both Kate and Prince William share Neptune in Sagittarius which may explain the reason why the dynamic Royal couple may have captured the hearts of so many around the world.  Both Neptune and Sagittarius are high powered planets which creates great potential and love among the two partners.   

And last, Kate and Prince William both have Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter in Scorpio is a benefit in itself, but Kate’s Jupiter trines William’s moon which make a perfect emotional match.  Between the Royal couple, they experience deep emotion and are willing to explore the unknown.  For Kate and Prince William this means a well-rounded relationship as equals which they will share on all levels whether emotional, physical or intellect.   

There is one negative aspect among the Royal couple affecting their charts and that is that Kate’s Saturn is conjunct with Prince William’s Pluto.  While this could create a problem, it may not, as both have this combination in their natal horoscopes.  Which leads to the conclusion that both Kate and Prince William will handle this obstacle.   

A Royal couple meant to be?  Most definitely.  And, a Royal couple that the world will watch for many years to come.

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