Enrique Iglesias Astrology Profile

Enrique Iglesias Astrology Profile


Enrique Miguel Iglesias y Preysler is a Spanish born Miami based singer. He was the son of the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias a millionaire, but later on he preferred a simple life. This can be seen in the way he dresses in simple clothes for his concerts. His first performance was when he was in high school when he performed in the musical, ‘Hello Dolly’. Later he was auditioned when in the University of Miami which was the beginning. After many hit songs, he turned to acting.

He shunned public appearances as far as possible but took part in the Oprah Winefrey’s talk show. He started his musical career on Mexican label Fonovisa. He has sold over 55 million albums in both English and Spanish when he released his latest Euphoria in 2010. Apart from a Grammy award and a Latin Grammy award he has won many awards till date. 

Numerology and Birth Path

Numerology is a science that deals with numbers and is older than astrology. According to this discipline, the name of a person, the surname and the date of birth all have significance. The alphabetic letters and the numbers that symbolize them have a special meaning. The life path is based on the date of birth which determines your destiny.

The life path of Enrique Iglesias is influenced by the number 8 which will have success as well as failures. He will possess natural leadership quality and has the capacity to amass enormous wealth. Enrique is said to possess good personality and resilience of a real survivor. Business, finance, real estate, law, science and management of big institutions are some of the vocational fields that suit the persons of this number.

A good judge of character, Iglesias attracts the right people towards him. Most of the people of the number 8 prefer large families and often tend to keep others dependent on them for a longer time. Although jovial in nature, Enrique is not demonstrative in showing his love and affection. Those with the 8 life path possess a robust physique which is an indication of their inherent strength and agility.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology believes in bringing out the potentials from within and should not be influenced by the stellar. The Chinese Zodiac symbolizes the twelve paths of wisdom the paths are neither good nor bad. Search your inner self and develop ones own potentialities. Destiny cannot be blamed for everything. Enrique was born under the sign of the cat which is also known as a hare in China. A diplomat by nature, those born under this sign can avoid attacks and get around the problems. They are serene and ethereal in nature.

A peaceful life is what they need and never get involved in unnecessary confrontations. They may get information from others but will never allow anyone to meddle in their affairs. The whole subtleness and power of the feline is visible in the character of the people under this sign.

Of the five elements, fire, wood, water, metal and earth, Enrique’s element is the wood which corresponds to the planet Jupiter, the green color and the number 8. An accommodating person by nature, Enrique never has the tendency to hurt others without a proper reason and always likes to be amicable. Compatible with the sheep and pig, rabbits always try to escape from the realities of life.


Enrique’s birth chart shows some special traits of his character and it sheds light on his personality. Enrique always seems mysterious and different in all his actions. The people see him very serious and studious and hesitate to be too friendly to him. Highly independent and self sufficient he tries his best not to depend on others and moves along his own path. This special character of Iglesias often keeps him aloof even when in crowds.

But his exceptional intelligence and wisdom is commendable and is noticed quickly and the people respect him. An introvert by nature he is hard to get to know and is withdrawn. Though born in riches and had a life of luxury, he dresses simply and appears in ordinary clothes. Enrique is well groomed and appears dignified no matter how he dresses.

Both traits are found in Enrique- anger, impatience and aggressiveness, but at times is warm, ready to help and comfort. Very adaptable to any situation, he can do several things at a time and even plan his future actions. He never commits himself to any body and loathes confinement of any sort. Enrique Iglesias is both spiritual as well as religious, but has his own ideas regarding the purpose of life and the Creator. Love emerges slowly but is very deep like the roots that give strength. Get Astrological reports and natal charts for you: click here.

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