Avril Lavigne Astrology Profile

Date of birth: 27th September , 1984
City: Belleville, Ontario
Country: Canada

Biography of Avril Lavigne: Avril Lavigne was a Canadian artist, who at the tender age of fifteen had a recording contract with Arista and her first album ‘Let Go’ was released in the year 2002.  With this album, she became a solo singer reaching the #1 position at a very young age. Within a few years the album sold 16 million copies throughout the world.   She became a big hit in 2002 with her debut song ‘Complicated’.  Her concert tickets get the maximum priced tickets and are mostly sold out.  Her first feature film debut was ‘Fast Food Nation’.  She also entered designing and released her designer clothes and perfumes.  She later married a singer and guitarist by the name of Deryck Whibley, whom she soon divorced.

Numerology and Birth Path of Avril Lavigne:

According to her date of birth, her horoscope says that she has 4 as a Life Path number, and she will devote herself to achieving her objectives.   Money is not her main objective and in order to achieve success, she only needs to put in her best efforts and also have the courage to face hardships and trials of life.  She is attached to people who work with her and works well in a team.  She needs to try hard to control her imperious nature.

Having 9 as a birthday number, she is very sociable by nature and everyone considers her a very beautiful person.  She can get along with people of different cultures and has opinions on various worldly topics.  She is a very expressive person and can sometimes be a little dramatic.  She is very lucky to be born with this number as they are very lucky and can receive sudden gifts or inheritances.  She is also very loving and kind.  Her expression number is 5 and this makes her a very inventive person who is very creative and flexible.  She is very cable of coming up with new ideas and fares well in difficult situations.

Avril Lavigne Chinese astrology:

She was born under the Libra zodiac sign and according to Chinese astrology, she was born in the Rat year.  She was born on a Thursday.  According to this sign, she is a creative person and also very social.  They are also very social and outgoing and seek their luck, in a dominating manner.  They are extremely curious by nature and sometimes jump to quick decisions which might result in problems in their love live.  They love taking risks and are usually never with one partner in life.

They are very attractive and charming and have many admirers and can easily get a lot of friends.  They love partying and also music.  They are usually successful in whatever they try their hand at and though they may seem very calm, they can at times become very aggressive, which might lead to complications.  They adjust themselves very well to the social environment and also try out various possibilities, which are not visible to others eyes.  Some people consider them to be of the flippant and non-serious type, but they love to take risks and dangers of various types.  They are very energetic and are usually very hyperactive, but very smart and shrewd at the same time.  They sometimes tend to make hasty judgments in business.

Avril Lavigne Personality:

Avril Lavigna is an energetic person and comes across as a personality who is very self assured.  She has also developed an image of a tomboy.  This personality clearly comes across in her songs.  She is very honest and true to herself and has absolutely no pretence.  She was always a tomboy and loved to play games such as hockey and baseball with boys.  She has a beautiful voice and also has songwriting and musical talents.   She is a very determined person and is waiting to rock the world with her music.  Her music is very honest and comes straight from the heart. 

She loves rock music.  She is not just a vocalist, as she wants to be a complete artist and gets involved in the songwriting of her music.  She is also not fond of any makeover in her image, as all she wants to be is herself.  She definitely does not go in for makeup and wearing high heels, as this does not form part of her personality.  She dresses the way she wants and sings what feels true to her.  She is quite a determined person as well as being very fair and honest, as well as dependable and trustworthy.  All her albums are as honest as her own personality.

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