Amanda Bynes - Her Sign & Her Tendency for Trouble

Amanda Bynes AstrologyBorn on April 3, 1986, Amanda Bynes is an actress who is well known for a number of shows on Nickelodeon, including “All ” and “The Amanda Show.” But in recent years, her bouts with the law have caused more concern. Her mug shot has been found on gossip websites, causing her to become often parodied and mocked.


But does her sign have something to do with her recent turn of bad luck and poor choices? As an Aries, Amanda’s sign is the first in the zodiac. For many of these in this sign, this makes them natural leaders. While this might sound as though this also means a person will always be right or make positive decisions, what you might also want to consider is the fact that being a leader comes with a great deal of pressure.

If a person feels they have to be in charge all the time, there may come a moment when they do something to push that responsibility aside. Consider how it must feel to have everyone looking at you all the time especially when you’re in the film or TV industry. People are watching you to see if you will do something wrong, and they are ruthless if they catch you in any sort of negative situation.

Enter: Amanda Bynes. While it might be easy for people to make fun of this person, they often forget she is a person. And as an Aries, she is a person who can be fiery and confident. At the same time, this can also mean they are stubborn and unable to change their opinions easily.

An Aries might be perfectly willing to stick to a bad decision because they don’t want to admit they’re wrong and they don't want to admit they didn’t know what they were doing. Passion and spark are beautiful things, but they can also lead to problems if a person is not careful or if they’re not around people who can ground them. Perhaps Amanda will be able to find people who can help her temper the passion that can get out of control.

Or perhaps she’ll continue to have troubles deciding how to best spend her energy. Does it really matter what we think? Probably not. What does matter, however, is knowing one’s sign might be more influential than you might think.

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